The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Piranha Plant amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Murbert, Guest Contributor

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Murbert here! Piranha Plant is a character I have found success with, winning multiple tournaments and climbing to the top rated Plant on the rankings.

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AI Issues:

Plant does not have any big AI issues. There are a couple minor ones such as charging Side Special at inappropriate times and recovering very low (the later effects matchups where the opponent can chase Plant to the bottom of the screen). Both of these will be explained in more detail in their sections of this guide.

Overall Playstyle:

Piranha Plant should use her weird projectiles as AI breakers along with her powerful anti-air moves to finish off the kills after her projectiles force out jumps. Plant should stay grounded as well as walk. I recommend using the following moves while training:

How to Train the Piranha Plant amiibo

Forward Smash is an excellent move to use to rack up damage and it kills. It is not the fastest move so you will also need some faster options. Use this move a lot at close range.

Down Tilt is a quick option for Plant and leads into forward air. This is important to teach in order to effectively deal with faster opponents. Use this move at close range a little bit less the forward smash.

Down Smash has less range and power then forward smash but is fast and can kill at later percentages. It also slows the staling of moves. Use this a little bit at close range and at ledge.

Neutral Special is an underrated move. It kills very early, has a weird trajectory that amiibo struggle with, and causes her opponents to jump. If they jump, it sets up Plants amazing anti air game. This move is also a big part of the anti air game. It lingers above her and amiibo have the tendency to fall into it when attempting to land. Use this move a lot at long range and about 25% of the time while catching landings.

Up Smash is an incredibly powerful move. It kills very early and is decently quick. Use this move a lot at very close range, and about 75% of the time while catching landings.

Side Special can rack up a lot of free damage, but can also be punished if used at the wrong times. Opponents are afraid to touch the cloud so they will roll, it causes jumps, and amiibo will make no attempt to avoid the damage if they got it by any part of it. To clarify the last point, if Plant uses the move directly on top of her opponent, they will get hit by the initial damage then just sit in the cloud, taking the full damage. If Plant charges this move up close, she will be punished. She also likes to charge it out of parry. I recommend charging this move only when you are very far away, and releasing it up close.

Down Special is a strong move that has super armor, but it can also lead to some weird interactions with the extended neck. It also kills decently fast. I recommend using this move a little bit at a range and seldomly as an anti air.

Grabs can be used a decent amount. Down throw leads into forward air, and up throw kills.

Dash Attack can be used a bit as an approaching option.

Neutral Air is a great landing option. I recommend using this move every time you land as it can lead into drag down combos including forward smash, down tilt, and up smash.

Offstage vs Onstage: This one comes down to preference and matchups. My opinion is that onstage is move consistent, as going offstage will negatively impact the Pits/Zelda matchups (or any matchup where her opponent can chase her to the bottom of the screen). This is because Plant likes to wait until she is very low before recovering and at that point and tap will cause her to get KOed. If you choose to stay onstage, Plant will use Side special, Down special, Neutral special, and down smash at ledge. If you want to go offstage, I recommend using Down Air to spike.

Why it Works:

This playstyle works because it forces jumps out of Piranha Plants opponents, which then leads to her using her extremely powerful anti air moves to pick up kills. It takes advantage of her best moves and how they impact amiibo AI.

Piranha Plant is a very strong character in the amiibo meta and is fun to train. I hope you found this guide helpful in defending your lawn from the invading Zombie army!



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