Did the Pichu amiibo Just Get a Meta Boost?

by Mono, Guest Contributor

Hey! I’m Mono. So you’ve heard of the new Spirit right? Its Critical Health Metal and Healing. Don’t know what it does because you live under a rock? Well, it heals 30% each stock and gives you Metal for a few seconds, and this is for EVERY Stock. You would expect that people have been theory crafting a lot with this spirit, well as most people would think this spirit is going to be hella good on our light fighter that is Pichu.

Why Critical Health Metal & Healing Would Benefit Pichu

Pichu is a light character lightest in the game in fact, he can die at EXTREMELY early percents like 20% to Not Charged Lucario Forward Smash. Pichu also damages himself by a few percent (The Newest patch made him take less damage from his hits). Currently, Pichu trained optimally would be to go full aggressive and be parry heavy and try to deal as much as many damage before your opponent does the same to you. So when the opponent deals damage before Pichu an, its almost always over unless of course we have our new spirit to heal us up a bit and give us metal so while we heal we would not instantly die. See if you look at it like that it would seem like the Spirit is great right? BUT THEN, the Spirit activates EVERY STOCK, so Pichu can now make CRAZY Comebacks unlike before in Spirits Amiibo.

There’s A Third Slot, what about that one?

Since this Spirit only Covers up TWO Slots of your Amiibo’s Three Spirit Support Slots, I suggest you should use Electric Attack Increased, Air Defense Increased or Landing Lag Decreased for your Third Spirt Support Slot. 

What about in Raid Bossing?

What about Raid Bosses? Well this Spirit Would still be great on Raid Bosses, in case you did not know, Raid Bosses are Spirit Amiibo designed to fight Humans and not other Amiibo. This Spirit would be incredible Broken on Pichu Raid Boss Amiibo and it would really get him to survive certain situations where he usually would not.

So that’s about all I have to say about the new Spirit on the Pichu amiibo, what else do we do with the spirit? Well I think you should lab, lab, lab and keep lobbing this Spirit not only on Pichu, but as much as many fighters as you can. This Spirit is very interesting and if used right it could possibly shape the Spirits meta in a different way. Thanks for the Read!


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