The Archetypes of amiibo Training

by Cookiezac, Guest Contributor

Hey! I’m Cookiezac. Today we’re going to talk about the different archetypes of amiibo. Amiibo training is very diverse, and some amiibo will fall into more than one category in this list.

The categories on this list will help you understand the forces at work in the competitive amiibo tier list. You’ll notice that some categories often have amiibo that are much higher on the tier list than others – Command Grabs tend to be higher than Combo, for example.

Super Armour Based Characters

These characters will rely on their Armoured attacks to trick the opponent. Amiibo don’t understand context well so they will attack a move with super armour and usually get killed for it. These characters are usually heavies and are top tiers. Examples of these characters include Bowser and King K Rool.

Musket Method Characters

Musket Method is definitely the most common archetype. These characters will walk, use a Smash Attack and a tilt. These characters also can excel at edgeguarding. Examples include Lucina, Marth, Chrom, Mii Gunner and Banjo & Kazooie

Semi Musket Method Characters

These characters are musket characters, but have some extra jazz thrown in. These could include built in combos, projectiles or throws. Examples include Hero, Lucas, Pichu and Yoshi.

Combo Based Characters

These characters rack up most damage through their very good built in combos and will usually finish stocks with a Smash Attack or edgeguard. Sadly these characters are usually low tier but they make for very good Raid Bosses. Examples include Joker and Sheik.

Multihit Based Characters

These characters rely on spamming a multihit to beat parrying amiibo. These types of attacks usually deal a lot of damage and lead to a smash attack kill, although sometimes the multihits are kill moves (such as pit forward smash and Shulk forward smash). Examples include King Dedede, Pichu and Ice Climbers

Command Grab Characters

These Characters use a Command Grab to repeatedly rack up damage and kill. Amiibo don’t see Command Grabs most of the time so the opposing amiibo will repeatedly let themself get hit, meaning these moves are great to spam. These characters are almost always top tier. Examples include Ridley, Incineroar and Ganondorf.

Moving Hitbox Based Characters

These characters will use an attack that moves their hitbox, which amiibo can’t react to. These moves are used from afar and the amiibo will typically use a Smash Attack up close. Examples include Mii Swordfighter, Captain Falcon, Piranha Plant and Pokémon Trainer.

AI Breakers

These characters are extremely rare. These characters will have an attribute that will completely break the amiibo. Examples of these moves include Joker Side Special (makes the amiibo jump), Ice Climbers Neutral Special (2 projectiles at once can make the amiibo freeze in place), Piranha Plant Side Special (Amiibo will take the first hit and then let themself take the rest of the hits) and Snake Neutral Special (amiibo grab it like it’s candy).

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this helped you learn about the different types of amiibo. There are always new things being found out about amiibo, so I will try to update this whenever something new is found out. Have a great day!


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