The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mewtwo amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Mythricity, Guest Contributor

Hi I’m Mythricity, I have 4 wins and a few other top 8 placements currently, with Mewtwo.

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AI Issues

Mewtwo has no main AI issues, apart from the fact that it cannot use Shadow Ball (neutral b) properly. Mewtwo will always make the priority to fully charge Shadow Ball before releasing, this leads Mewtwo to being very vulnerable while charging. When Mewtwo has it fully charged, Mewtwo will release it at random times and it is pretty rare, but when Mewtwo does release it, it is typically out of a parry. However he will also charge Shadow Ball out of parry since it is the same input. This leaves him very vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Overall Playstyle

Mewtwo should be mainly grounded, while only jumping for its combos, or for going offstage. 

Mewtwo can parry or shield. Parrying can lead into strong follow ups, like down smash, but can also lead into shadow ball. Shielding is also fairly good, so it is mostly up to personal preference whether to shield or parry.

How to Train the Mewtwo amiibo

When on the ground, there are a few moves Mewtwo should use: 

  1. Down tilt – Down tilt leads into many combos that can build up percent, and kill in some cases. A few examples are: Down tilt > Forward Air, Down tilt > up smash, Down tilt > Up tilt, Down tilt > Up tilt > Forward Smash. This should be used very frequently
  1. Forward smash – Forward smash is very strong and is a reliable kill option for Mewtwo. This should be used very frequently.
  1. Forward Tilt – This is a good, “get off me” move for Mewtwo. It deals good knockback, but doesn’t really kill that early, so that is why Forward smash and Down tilt should be used more.
  1. Throws – Most of Mewtwo’s throws are good. Back throw and Up throw are kill throws (Up throw also leads into things like Back air, Up air and Up smash) , and Down throw leads into all the combos that Down tilt does. Forward throw is not great, so do not use it. The order of Usage should be as follows (greatest to least): Down throw, Up throw, Back throw, Forward throw (just don’t use it).

When Mewtwo is in the air, Mewtwo should use Up smash to catch landings 90% of the time. Up smash is a multihit, and extremely strong so it should be used the most when catching landings. However, Up air should be mixed in a bit because it can kill pretty early when near the blast zone at the top.

Mewtwo should go offstage rather than onstage. Offstage, Mewtwo should utilize two moves, Down air and Forward air. Forward air can kill very early, so use the most out of the two, and Down air can be used when the opponent is more vertically below you than horizontally away from you.

Disable (Down B) is a move that is optional. Disable can lead into Forward smash, however if it is shielded or parried, Mewtwo is very vulnerable. If you decide to use this, then lead into Forward smash and do not use that much.

Moves to Avoid

Shadow Ball (Neutral B) – Mewtwo cannot control where he charges shadow ball. Mewtwo will charge it randomly and get hit because of it. Shadow ball is also a built-in out of parry option, meaning sometimes when Mewtwo parries, it will just sit there and charge shadow ball.

Down Smash – Down smash is extremely slow, that’s just about it.

Side B – While it is a command grab, Amiibo are frame perfect. That means that as soon as Mewtwo can follow up out of Side b, so can the opponent. If the opponent has a faster aerial than you, Mewtwo is pretty much screwed with side b. This is why I do not recommend it. 

DO NOT UP B ON STAGE – this is fairly obvious but just in case you didn’t know, don’t up b on stage.

Why It Works

Mewtwo is extremely light, and what is called a “glass cannon”. By using its most powerful moves, Mewtwo can deal damage and get kills before it dies. The combos rack up damage, and then offstage play, Forward smash, or Up smash catching landings will kill. These moves and training methods can make a very potent Mewtwo amiibo.



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