The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Hero amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by CSharp, Guest Contributor, and Founder of the Smash Ultimate Amiibo League (SUAL).

Hello everyone, I’m CSharp, Founder of SUAL, and Lead Editor for SUAL content. As of right now, my Hero, Anti Virus, is currently the best ranked Hero in season 8 (the current season among competitive amiibo servers), as well as claiming the first 2 ever ranked Hero wins, and a third afterwards. Winning a 32 man, 8 man, and 16 man, respectively.

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AI Issues

From my time with messing with Hero, I have found out 2 main AI Flaws. One is that he cannot use menu properly. He will still whip it out on occasion. However, besides a few built in presets, the moves selected are random.
The second AI Flaw being that Hero does not know how much MP he has. So, for example, if Hero is taught to only to fully charge Side B, then he will be able to do it about twice, then fully charge an empty hitbox, making him extremely vulnerable.

Overall Playstyle

The Hero Amiibo is a wild card when it comes to its playstyle. There are many things you can do with Hero, but mostly, outside of going offstage, it is best to have a grounded playstyle. You can utilize his magic abilities to build up damage, or his sword moves. Hero also has a strong grab game, with the AI having some keen combos, such as:

~ Down Throw into Forward Aerial
~ Down Throw into Neutral Aerial
~ Up Throw into Up Air at early percents (even being able to sometimes squeeze more than one Up Air depending on the opponent’s percent)
~ Up Throw into Neutral Air at higher percents.

When it comes to Hero, I personally think that he has two optimal training methods, both resulting two completely different and unique hero amiibo, that are both viable for different reasons.

First lets discuss what I’ve used to make it to the top.

Training Methods

Melee Method

The Melee Method utilizes moves in Hero’s kit that prioritize his sword and/or limbs. So this includes,

~ All of his aerials except Back Aerial (Ill explain more later)
(Neutral Aerial, Forward Aerial, Up Aerial, and Down Aerial)
~ Forward Smash
~ Down Smash
~ Jab
~ Forward Tilt
~ Up Tilt


Neutral Aerial and Forward Aerial are good out of Grab Combos.
Up Aerial is good out of Grab Combos and for Juggling.
Back Aerial is a move I would not suggest that you use, due to the massive amounts of startup frames that the move has. If you want to use a deadly move offstage there’s a much better option.
Down Aerial is an immaculate tool offstage, often gimping opponents at absurdly low percents when connecting. Even if hits the sourspot, it still sets Hero up in advantage as it resets situation by keeping the opponent offstage.


Forward Tilt is a solid move thanks to it being a multihit move, great for neutral play.
Up Tilt is great for covering landings, as it covers alot of range with its hitbox.
Down Tilt is okay, its more of a niche in his kit compared to his stronger tools, and and it doesn’t really set up anything in my experience. I would try to prioritize other moves.
Jab is also more on the niche end, however its better than Down Tilt when fully using all three hits of the move. I would toss this in neutral occasionally, as it’s a good get-off-me tool.
Dash Attack is a move that has decent range, but has a slow start up. Solid get-off-me tool.

smash attacks

Forward Smash is his go to move for kill power while on stage. It does really good damage, has lots of range, and even can occasionally critical hit.
Down Smash is a good get-off-me tool that alternates between hitting forward and behind Hero. The move also does decent damage.
Up Smash is not a move you should use at all. The range on this move is criminally small. The only ever time you’d want to use an Up Smash is to kill up by hitting the opponent in front of you, or to catch landings, this move does none of these things. The hitbox is far to small catch any landings, and there is no front hitbox, only what’s above, so there’s no point to using Hero Up Smash. To catch landings, use Up Tilt.

Magic Method

The Magic Method utilizes Hero’s magical moves, his Specials. Hero can still make good use of his grab game and edgeguarding ability, but when it comes to neutral play, its all magic. (always has been)

In regards to Normals and Aerials, same rules apply here, this part of the guide will focus mainly on the Pros and Cons to Hero’s Special Moves.

Neutral special

Hero can surprisingly use his charging Neutral Special competently, unlike other amiibo that share similar moves with him. No charge and slight charge Neutral Special is good for zoning, while the fully charged Neutral Special is a large projectile that does a lot of damage and kills. However the MP cost is high.

Side Special

Hero can use his no charge and slight charge Side Special as a good zoning tool in neutral and even at ledge, slight charge covering slightly more range. His fully charged Side Special is both a blessing and a curse. Its a blessing in the sense that if connected, it does 40+ percent. However, it is critical that you do not spam it. The curse is the AI Flaw I mentioned earlier, Hero does not know when to stop going for fully charged Side Special If he doesn’t have enough mana to use a fully charged Side Special, he will still try to use it, making him extremely vulnerable to a free smash attack from the opponent.

Down Special (MENU)

Hero cannot use this move to his fullest potential, in the sense that he instantly knows which move to use in all situations. However, the move still leads to hilarious clips, plus, its built in to use it in very specific situations. So you cannot prevent Hero from using Menu, but you can make him use it more by using it during training.

Up Special

When able to be used fully, it has a lot of range, and the hitbox itself can lead to lots of reverse edgeguard scenarios.

Why It Works

The Melee Method works in part thanks to all the range that his swordplay gives, making it difficult for the opponents to avoid getting hit. While the Magic Method works in part thanks to the ludicrous damage output and zoning that his special moves have.

That is all for this training guide on the one and only Hero amiibo! Thanks for reading, and good luck with your training!

~ CSharp


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