3 amiibo that DESERVE a throw-combo AI patch!

by Doc

Amiibo have always had issue with grabs and grab hitboxes – the only functional kind of grab in the game are command grabs, which are invisible to the opponent amiibo. Nintendo’s been very unconcerned with making sure that part of combat is functional, and it shows in the amiibo meta – to this day, the characters that were designed to use throws are mostly inferior to the tanky heavyweights, according to the amiibo tier list.

So who should get an AI patch?

1. Sheik

Sheik is almost universally considered to be the worst amiibo in the game, and the post-8.0 results indicate as much. Sheik’s already a bad character in human play, but her human variant centers around an advantage that the amiibo can’t use – throws. If Sheik could use her Down throw and connect it into a Forward tilt or Forward air to start a combo, she might at least shift away from being the worst in the game.

If Nintendo ever gives other amiibo the same combo-based treatment that they gave Joker, we’ll see major changes for the worst amiibo, starting with Sheik.

2. Mewtwo

A simple Down throw to short hop Forward air combo would make Mewtwo a significantly more potent killer, solving one of his biggest issues. The amiibo does occasionally use Down throw, but usually doesn’t follow it up with something useful, if anything at all. I reckon that having that ability patched into his AI could easily boost Mewtwo up to B tier.

3. ROB

ROB’s got major issues, man. If ROB could replace his current Down throw AI with a Down throw to frame-perfect Forward smash combo, he’d be able to land a proper KO. It’d be difficult – his grabs aren’t anywhere close to the best. But he might improve quite a bit if he could just get that extra throw combo.

Grabs and throws are rare but valuable in amiibo, and it would a complete game-changer if Nintendo figured out how to get amiibo to reliably grab and throw.


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