The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mii Brawler Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by JMoney

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Hello everyone, my name is Justin (or JMoney in the tourney scene) and of all the amiibo that I have tinkered with in my time training, Mii Brawler holds a special place in my heart. At the time of writing, my Mii Brawler, Giga Chad, currently holds the number one spot on Amiibots with a win percentage just under 60. He also has multiple solid tournament placements and upsets on his resume.

AI Issues

The Mii Brawler AI is relatively free from any crippling issues…

Except the AI does have some limitations specifically pertaining to its recovery. The Brawler AI outright refuses to utilize its recovery-enhancing special moves like Burning Dropkick and Feint Jump. Instead, the Amiibo is hardcoded to only use its jump and Up Special to recover.

Special Move Breakdown

The most unique (and fun) aspect of the Mii Fighter Amiibo is the ability to customize their Special moves and create wholly unique play styles. My Brawler Giga Chad utilizes a 2111 load out, or Flashing Mach punch, Onslaught, Soaring Axe Kick, and Head on assault. Below I will break down each special move and the Pros and Cons of every option.

Neutral Special

(1) – Shotput: A great ledge guarding tool that works wonders against characters with more horizontal recoveries like Ness or DK. In my own labbing, it can be difficult to get your Amiibo to use this exclusively at ledge – and the AI can quickly resort to spamming this move on stage which is not ideal. The angle of the shotput is also significantly less effective against characters with more vertical recoveries like K Rool or with tether recoveries like Min Min and Byleth.

(2) – Flashing Mach Punch: A multi-hit barrage of fists that does excellent damage and kills earlier than you might expect, especially on platforms.

(3) – Exploding Side Kick: Think Falcon Punch on Captain Falcon or Warlock punch on Ganondorf. Good for a chuckle when it lands, but the amiibo cannot hit it reliably and its massive windup leaves it vulnerable to being punished. Far inferior to the other Neutral Special options.

Side Special

(1) – Onslaught: Similar to Flashing Mach punch in that it is a flurry of punches and kicks except this moves begins with a short dash forward. This is an excellent gap-closer and opponent amiibo have a great deal of difficulty punishing its longer end lag, making it another great damage builder and kill move. The amiibo can be taught to use this in the air and catch opponents while falling through platforms.

(2) – Burning Dropkick: Sadly the Amiibo will not use this move to recover and it pales in comparison to the other two Side Special options. Skip this one.

(3) – Suplex: A powerful command grab and good gap closer as Amiibo AI cannot see it coming. This move works wonders as a damage builder and punishes amiibo who overly rely on shielding. This move falls short of being Alolan Whip 2.0 however as its kill power is nonexistent. More like Diet Alolan whip.

Up Special

(1) – Soaring Axe Kick: The recovery option with the most verticality but with little horizontal mobility. This option will lead to some instances in which Brawler gets launched too far offstage and can’t quite recover. The advantage of this recovery option is that the Brawler AI tends to take a recovery path that goes directly under the ledge and straight up. This more often than not bypasses some commonly seen ledgeguarding tools from fellow high tier amiibo such as K Rool’s Blunderbuss (Side note; the Amiibo will not use the second part of this move to spike off stage, though it will occasionally use it onstage)

(2) – Helicopter Kick: More of a diagonal recovery angle makes this a solid choice as a recovery option.

(3) – Thrust Uppercut: Approximately the same recovery distance as Soaring Axe Kick but the Amiibo will sometime recover the wrong direction and SD when used under the stage. Humans can utilize this as a kill option and combo tool but the Amiibo AI cannot utilize those combos.

Down Special

(1) – Head-On Assault: Does a surprising amount of damage and breaks shields on direct hits. Best used as a landing option. Be careful not to over use this move though as the Brawler AI will spam it.

(2) – Feint Jump: Another move that the AI will not use properly. Not only will the AI not use this to recover, but it will not use the kick portion of the move. This move has also occasionally causes the Amiibo to SD. Avoid this one.

(3) – Counter Throw: Counters in the Amiibo metagame are inconsistent at best and downright bad at worst – this move is no exception.

Overall Playstyle

Mii Brawler should stay grounded as much as possible while walking (or Moonwalking) and utilize its amazing multi-hit special moves (Onslaught and Flashing Mach Punch) to rack up damage and send opponents into the stratosphere.

How to Train the Mii Brawler Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

The best way to train Mii Brawler (or any amiibo) is by mirror matching – or playing that same character yourself. It is important to make sure that you have the same Special move loadout equipped as your Amiibo, otherwise it may affect their learning.

Side Special (Onslaught) is going to be your main gap-closer and damage builder. Use this while grounded or while falling through platforms. It is important to remember that this move will not activate if the opponent is sitting in their shield; in these instances, immediately follow up with Neutral Special (Flashing Mach Punch).

Flashing Mach Punch should be used anytime you are right next to your opponent. It does come out on frame 10 which is one frame slower than Down Smash, but as a multi hit move it negates parrying. Side Special and Neutral special should be used early and often when training Brawler.

Up Smash comes out on frame 8 and is a great tool for both catching landings as well as for use under platforms. This should be your most utilized smash attack.

When it comes to play at the ledge, if you opted to use Shotput, that should be your preferred ledge guarding tool. If you go the route I suggest, Down Tilt is surprisingly effective at the ledge as it can two-frame and toss the opponent up in the air for some hard-coded follow ups that the AI has in its back pocket.

Try to avoid aerials as much as possible as it can quickly lead to a jumpy Amiibo. The only exception to this is Neutral Air. Be sure to use Neutral Air as a landing option as it comes out quickly, has very low end lag, and it prevents the AI from overusing Down Special (Head-On Assault). Down Special should be used as a landing option but sparingly.

It is important to let your amiibo hit you often with these moves, especially in the early levels. Beating up on your low level Amiibo can lead to them becoming defensive and afraid to throw out moves. At later levels, teach your amiibo to parry by trying to parry every third or fourth hit, this teaches parrying while allowing your Amiibo to land moves on you and learn.

Why It Works

Mii Brawler excels as an anti-meta pick using his powerful multi-hit specials to punish parries and defensive amiibo. Parrying has become more and more common in high-level Amiibo training as trainers find new and better ways to train their amiibo to Parry. With his parry-punishing move set, Mii Brawler can hold his own with most high tiers and several top tiers.

Mii Brawler is a historically underrepresented Amiibo due to its rarity and the relative unpopularity of the Mii Fighters compared to other characters. This is really a shame because Mii Brawler is an incredibly fun and very rewarding Amiibo to train; an A-tier on the list but an S-tier in my heart.

That wraps up my Mii Brawler guide. Good luck in your training journey. Big thank you to Doc for asking me to contribute my little bit of knowledge to you all.  

Train hard and be good.



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