The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Sephiroth Amiibo in Smash Ultimate


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Howdy I’m RAPJM and today I’m gonna teach you how to train the Sephiroth amiibo. I got my hands on the Sephiroth amiibo bin file before most people, and have pulled some tournament wins with him already.

AI Issues

Here’s all of his AI flaws:

Up Special would be a crazy useful move, but he mostly uses the uncharged version. Which isn’t good. He also has a tendency to use Up Special whether you teach it or not.

This isn’t really an AI flaw, but amiibo will parry Side Special more frequently than most moves.

Neutral Special is slow and he cancels it if the opponent amiibo gets too close.

Overall Playstyle

As always, Sephiroth should shield and parry his opponent’s attacks. We want a Sephiroth that is somewhat defensive but not campy, one who will keep a moderate distance to use the specific attacks he’s been trained to use.

Sephiroth should use Forward Tilt and Forward Smash at a distance.

He should use Jab and Grabs at point blank range relative to the opponent.

Up Tilt and Up smash to are his “anti air” options to catch landing opponents.

When airborne, land with Forward Air, Neutral Air, and some Back Air, in order of decreasing frequency.

How to Train the Sephiroth Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Your main moves are going to be Forward Tilt and Forward Smash. Forward Tilt should be used more since it’s fast, has range, and kills. Forward Smash is really strong but a little slow,  and has a decent amount of end lag.

Up close, use Jab and Grab. Jab is really fast and a multihit, and it can set up for Forward Smash and/or Forward Tilt. Sephiroth also has grab combos such as Up Throw > Up Tilt or Down Throw > Forward Air that we’d like him to use as well.

Your anti-air moves are Up Smash and Up Tilt. Up Smash is strong and has Super Armor. Up Tilt is faster than Up Smash and scoops opponents from the side, but has less vertical range. They’ll both be pretty useful, especially for poking through platforms.

Land with Forward Air when they’re in front of you, Neutral Air when they’re below you, and Back Air when they’re behind you. Forward Air has a lot of range and is fast. Neutral Air is fast and combos into stuff like forward. Back Air is strong but slow so use this less than the others.


Down Tilt combos and covers a decent amount of ground, but it kinda ruins the point of keeping space away from him and the opponent.

Dash Attack is strong and covers a lot of room but can get punished easily from defensive amiibo.

Down Special is strong and a multihit but kinda sucks against amiibo with range. It can also be punished pretty hard if he misses or blocked.

Why It Works

Forward Tilt is a fast way to either get the opponent away or to kill. Forward Smash is large and kills. Jab is fast to get the opponent off so they can set up for Forward Tilt and Forward Smash. Grab combos to rack up damage. Up Tilt and Up Smash are really large anti-airs that can also kill.


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