Smash Ultimate Amiibo Card Amiibo Tier List – Which Amiibo Card/Coins Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for the competitive Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list, you can find it by clicking on this sentence.

Typically when buying amiibo cards/amiibo coins, people are most concerned about what amiibo are they not going to be able to purchase as figures in the future. They’ll buy a Mii Brawler amiibo card because Brawler was never reprinted and likely never will be, but they won’t buy Tom Nook because every store in a 1,000 mile radius has too many Tom Nook amiibo.

So which cards are the most important ones to buy?

This amiibo tier list is a rough estimate of how expensive amiibo are, both secondhand and in-store, based on their secondhand price. The higher up on the list an amiibo is, the better the deal the amiibo card is. This data isn’t concrete by any means – it’s mostly a rough guess based on what I found on Google Shopping for that amiibo, but price trends are still price trends no matter where you find them. Unless it’s Walmart, because those jerks overprice every amiibo.

You’ll notice that recently rereleased or reprinted amiibo are lower on the list because supply for them is high, and their MSRP is only $16. That’s why the yellow tier is about $25 – it can be less than that, but only the green tier is actually less than MSRP.

Anyway, here’s the tier list of which amiibo cards you should look at buying. This tier list assumes that these are actually available secondhand (although you won’t always find, say, Mii Swordfighter available for sale), and that they’re all Smash series amiibo. If you’re interested in the compatibility functions of amiibo and which alternates you can use, read this post.


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