Alternate Amiibo information

Amiibo have a useful ability: they are recognized as the same character between games. If you purchase Wedding Suit Mario from the Super Mario Odyssey line and scan it into Mario Party 10, it will have the same impact as if you had scanned a 30th Anniversary Mario. Both of those characters are Mario, so they work the same even though they’re from different series. If you have two Luigi amiibo, one from the Super Mario series and one from the Super Smash Bros series, and you scan them into Super Mario Odyssey, the game will read them the same way even though they’re two different amiibo. If an amiibo is of the same character, it will function the same way except in specific circumstances.

We can use this to our advantage when buying amiibo figures specifically to use in Smash Bros. Moldyclay has returned with version 14.0 of his massive amiibo compatibility chart, which details all of the released or announced amiibo that will be compatible with all amiibo-compatible games. It’s a very, very large project, and you can find the original Nintendo Everything post here.

amiibochartswitch-14 (2)

That’s obviously a very small image, so if you have trouble reading it I recommend clicking the link to the above Nintendo Everything post. Basically, the left side of the image (the character-specific side, which is what we’re interested in) is split into two parts. The top part is sorted by the character, and has their Super Smash Bros series amiibo figures, including Player 2 variants or in ROB’s case the Japanese color variant.

After Piranha Plant, you have a space of five question marks (which denote unannounced amiibo) and then the alternates for the characters. It starts with the Super Mario series Mario, Silver Mario, Gold Mario, and Super Mario series Luigi, and basically goes down the list of the other amiibo that you can use for those characters. Some characters have no other options than a Smash Bros amiibo: Cloud’s only amiibo have ever been Smash Bros series. Other characters have more options: aside from her announced Smash Bros amiibo, Isabelle has two amiibo figures from the Animal Crossing series that can be used.

The purpose of collecting this knowledge is to be able to price shop, and to know that we don’t have to have all the Smash Bros amiibo to be released before we can use their amiibo in tournaments. Isabelle doesn’t have a Smash Bros amiibo, yet from day one of Ultimate she’s been a contender in amiibo tournaments thanks to her pre-existing amiibo.