The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Diddy Kong Amiibo in Smash Ultimate


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Howdy I’m RAPJM and today I’ll be explaining how to train the Diddy Kong amiibo. I’ve experimented with several different play styles and trained around 60 of them.

AI Issues

Diddy Kong has a straightforward, solid AI but with two AI issues:

  1. He’ll use Side Special onstage, and then fail to recover, causing an SD. It’s pretty rare.
  2. He sometimes follows up Down Tilt with Up Special, leaving him incredibly, obscenely vulnerable.

Overall Playstyle

Diddy Kong should be an up-close, grappling fighter who is getting in the face of the opponent frequently. He’s got almost no physical range, so his only proper approaches are with Side Special and Dash attack. Side Special’s status as a command grab is actually quite effective in amiibo, especially when opponents have been taught to shield incoming attacks, and Dash attack is a multihit that can punish opponents with bad shield discipline. Use Side Special when you’re farther out, and use Dash attack when you’re close enough to be able to connect most of the hits.

How to Train the Diddy Kong Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Amiibo generally should be taught using different moves from different ranges. You should teach different moves based on your distance to the opponent amiibo, and try to spread out your distances to the opponent amiibo so they turn out well-balanced.

We want Diddy Kong to ultimately use Side Special at a distance, with Dash attack for his approach. At close range, use Down Tilt and Forward Smash, and mix in some grabs as well. The amiibo will end up spamming Forward Smash, but so long as it’s being used appropriately (and not when there’s no opponent nearby) there won’t be a problem. Forward Smash is just that good of a move.

Down Tilt combos into Forward Air, Up Smash or Up Special, so consider using those moves (save for Up Special, which we don’t want to teach it to use from the ground.)

Grabs are effective for forcing the opponent offstage, or into combo situations. Diddy Kong is lacking in more traditional KO power, so we need to just shove the opponent offstage. Once they’re offstage, go in for an edgeguard KO with Down Air.

If you’re against aerial opponents while on the ground, use Up Smash and some Up Air. If you’re in the air and trying to land back on the stage, use Forward Air, Down Air, Neutral Air and Back Air to land safely, with descending importance.


Neutral Special can combo, but it distracts Diddy Kong from KOing sometimes.

Why It Works

Diddy Kong is able to approach and deal with defensive amiibo with Side special. They’re able to kill with Forward smash. They combo for more damage with grab, Down tilt, and Dash attack. Going offstage for Down air lets them get early stocks.



  1. There are two ways you can professionally train Diddy Kong. You can make him At your face and Aggressive (Which is what this guide is hindering towards) or you can get him to use Peanut gun from afar and play a defensive play-style. I personally prefer the Defensive Play style due to the fact that:
    it deals with Long Range Attackers and Players that don’t primarily revolve around Projectiles, Lowers the chances of Diddy getting Punished, and while it ‘Somewhat’ limits a little bit of Kill Power, it is a safer way to rack up damage, and if you train your Amiibo how to use Smash attacks frequently, it would be a great Punish for opponents trying to get in. Of course, adding the combos and whatnot.


  2. Down tilt is not good for Diddy Kong imo, I chose to ignore it and use Dash Attack instead for combos. Side Special is okay, though I personally don’t use it. Forward tilt is a little underrated, it’s a great get-off-me move that is hard for an Amiibo to Punish, and is good especially when using a Defensive play style.


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