Mega Man Makes Mega History

by Doc – Owner, Founder, If He Had a Heart, Mega Man Would Be Close To It

Sometimes in the course of human history, there occurs a single event that pivots the rest of humanity around it. Genghis Khan’s rampage. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Black Death. Luther’s 95 Theses. All of these events are pivotal and will be remembered for as long as mankind cares to remember them.

The other day, we added one to the history books. SandSSF2 entered the Omnimajor, an A+ limited, 512-man double elimination vanilla tournament. In other words, all non-spirited amiibo were legal so long as their character is ranked at A+ tier or below on the amiibo tier list. Losing in one set knocks you to “loser’s bracket” where losing another set removes you from the tournament, and there were 512 total amiibo opponents.

Among other submissions, he entered his Mega Man, who is in B tier at the time of this writing. As you can see in the bracket, he faced:

  1. Forenmagra’s Chrom (B+)
  2. IGuano’s King Dedede (A+)
  3. Zornch’s Snake (A)
  4. Vulkysaur’s Dark Samus (C+, arguably the #1 Dark Samus trainer, whom we’ve covered repeatedly on the Amiibo Doctor channel and website)
  5. Gamer John’s Mii Swordfighter (A)
  6. LittleLee’s Dark Samus (C+)
  7. Traumatized Baconbits’ Mii Gunner (A+)
  8. RAPJM’s King Dedede (A+)

Save for Dark Samus (who should be B tier minimum, in my opinion) all of Sand’s opponents were higher on the tier list, and by quite a few placements in many cases. Anyone familiar with amiibo training would safely bet that an A+ tier amiibo would beat a B tier amiibo handily, especially a B tier with exploitable flaws like a linear recovery and being a very lean middleweight.

Instead, he plowed through the first 6 of those opponents, went 2-3 against one of the most formidable top tiers imaginable and only then was he shut down by another A+ tier, a King Dedede. He finished in 9th place out of 512 amiibo, most of whom are a higher placement than B. As a result, we have the greatest tournament run in Mega Man’s history. Sand’s performance demonstrates that in a 20XX environment, where the best trainers are participating, Mega Man absolutely has the skills to beat the high tiers of the meta.

I think we found a new #1 Mega Man trainer, boys and girls.


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