Splatoon 3 Amiibo Release Date! + Sephiroth Incoming?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Glad We’re Wrapping Up the Smash Line

Nintendo just dropped this spicy announcement for the Splatoon 3 amiibo release date:

And to top it off, it looks like a nondescript CPSIA listing for a non-Splatoon amiibo has been posted as well on Nintendo’s official CPSIA page. Considering the leaks of Sephiroth and Kazuya, from just the other day, I’d say it’s a pretty solid guess that we’re getting at least one of the Smash amiibo in time for the Christmas season.

Personally, I’m expecting that Sephiroth and Kazuya will release at the same time, but separately packaged, and then that Pyra and Mythra will release in a 2-pack of some kind. We’ve already established that they have data for an individual amiibo for each, so the final amiibo will be Sora at an undisclosed future time.


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