The Sephiroth Amiibo Shows His Face

by Doc – Owner, Founder, It’s Higher-Quality Than He Expected

UPDATE: It appears that images of the Kazuya amiibo are also being spotted at this event. Note that this image of the Kazuya amiibo is appearing alongside previously-unseen angles of the Splatoon 3 amiibo.

(Image has been reduced from its original size for layout purposes)

I just posted this on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel:

This is from a Nintendo event (word on which Nintendo event is unclear, see this tweet). By all appearances it seems legitimate, considering its timing with the announcement of the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII remake/retelling. What do we call the new Final Fantasy VII, anyway?

I fully believe this is an official Sephiroth amiibo, and for a very specific reason. If you look at the sword, you’ll notice it intersects with an extra strand of hair that has been split off from the larger “chunk” of hair, waving in a slightly different trajectory. This extra strand doesn’t appear in the official render.

This is a common technique that Nintendo uses for freestanding, extended limbs or items to make sure they don’t break off. You’ll notice the Simon Belmont amiibo figure connects the whip to his wrist (despite the official render showing them a distance apart) to make sure his whip doesn’t break off.

This is a detail that a faker just wouldn’t think to get right: it’s not the sort of thing you notice unless you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at amiibo figures. Fortunately, I do, and I’m pretty sure this is an example of this technique at work. So I’m placing my bet on this being an officially-produced Sephiroth amiibo, and probably an example of the final product.



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