The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Pit and Dark Pit amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by an anonymous Contributor

Per the request of the Contributor, this article has been left anonymous. We can ensure that this person is a qualified trainer who maintained for a long time one of the best Pit amiibo in the meta.

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AI Issues

I am not aware of any significant issues with the Pits’ AI that conflict with the advice outlined here. As with all reactive moves like counters and reflects, they are already hardwired to use their down special, Guardian Orbitars, in response to incoming projectiles. Deliberate training of this move is therefore not necessary and may even result in untimely, inappropriate use that can end up costing the Pits a stock.

Differences Between Pit and Dark Pit

Before we start, I would like to make a quick acknowledgment of the differences between the two. There are two areas where the Pits diverge: their neutral special and their side special. However, because this guide does not incorporate either of these moves, the strategies discussed will be compatible with both Pit and Dark Pit.

Overall Playstyle

The Pits are best suited to an aggressive playstyle with lots of aerial play and deep edgeguarding. They have the speed and the recovery to pull this off, and the number of multihitters in their arsenal means that they seldom have to worry about parries throwing them off their game.

How to Train Pit

This section will be divided into a few parts.

COMBO STARTERS: Pit’s down throw is a good way to get a forward or neutral air combo chain going on stage. Down tilt is also useful for this purpose. His forward and back throws should be used to get the opponent offstage so that Pit can go in and attempt to take an easy stock with a gimp or a spike. Up throw is good for setting up vertical combos with up air and up smash, but out of all your strategies, this one should see the least use.

AERIALS: All of Pit’s aerial moves are very useful. Two of these aerials are especially handy for racking up damage: neutral air and forward air. Best used to chase onstage out of a short hop following a combo starter. Up air is also a solid way to run up the opponent’s percentage, but since a majority of Pit’s kills come from the left, right, and bottom blast lines, he will get slightly better mileage from the neutral and forward airs. Back air only has niche utility offstage while edgeguarding. Down air is a safe approach option, but again, it is outclassed onstage by neutral and forward airs.

Dash attack gets an honorable mention as a valid strategy to approach with, but this should not be the crux of Pit’s arsenal by any means. That being said, lightly pepper it in with the rest of his moves.

KILL OPTIONS: Pit has three main options to secure kills.

1. FORWARD SMASH. This move right here is a big part of Pit’s claim to the upper echelons of the tier list. Its fast, its powerful, and it comes in two parts to bypass most parry attempts. It is listed under kill options but this move is also a way to pile on damage and keep the opponent at bay. If Pit is not doing aerial combos, he should be forward smashing. Feel free to use it liberally.

2. UP SMASH. Its biggest use is as an aerial punish. Pit can occasionally initiate a juggle himself with an up throw, but it’s best to use up smash if the opponent is already above you. Train for a match or two on Battlefield in order to optimally teach Pit how to use it.

3. OFFSTAGE. This is Pit’s other major raison d’etre. It is absolutely critical to make sure Pit is making the most of his time offstage, and this should be accomplished with heavy down air usage. A successfully sweetspotted down air spike is the quickest way for Pit to take a stock. Even if Pit does not land the sweetspot, a glancing blow from its wide, sweeping hitbox is sometimes enough to gimp certain characters with subpar recoveries. Neutral air, back air, and especially forward air can also be useful offstage to either gimp or even get a kill off the side blast lines. Pit’s three extra jumps and the far-reaching trajectory of his up special allow him to go in pretty deep offstage, so don’t be afraid to do so.

Why it Works

The Pits’ ability to apply pressure on stage and offstage make them potent, versatile options that can achieve great results in tournaments. Their generous and forgiving recoveries make them extremely resistant to gimp attempts, and allow them to chase farther out from the edge than most characters’ recoveries would allow. This, combined with their quick, deadly smash attacks and relentless multi-hit aerials, gives Pit and Dark Pit many favorable matchups throughout the SSBU amiibo roster.

Pit is a high-level amiibo and an excellent test of one’s amiibo training skill. Good luck in tournaments!

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