The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Ike amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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By Murbert, Guest Contributor

Hey! I’m Murbert. I have been labbing Ike for many months and I have consistent top 8 finishes as well as many 1st place finishes with the character.

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AI Issues

Ike has some AI flaws when it comes to recovering. If Ike is above a certain height offstage, he will attempt to Side Special to the ledge instead of jumping then using Up Special even if he does not have time to charge Side Special enough. He will also sometimes make no attempt to Up Special to recover if he hits his opponent with a Side Special that he expected to get him on stage safely. 

Overall Playstyle

Ike should always walk and stay grounded most of the time. The only time he should jump is to catch a landing with up air or follow up on a down tilt.

Up Special is probably Ike’s best move. It gives him super armor so it beats every attack in the game other than grabs and it can kill fairly early. It is also really good to catch landings. Use it often.

Forward Tilt is another very powerful move. It has decent range and can kill. This and Up Special should be the main moves you use.

Down Tilt leads to many different follow up moves. These include: Up Tilt, Forward Air, Back Air, Neutral Air, and Up air. These are built into the AI, so if Ike hits a Down Tilt, he will follow up with one of these moves without being trained to. The move he chooses to use is dependent on the knockback the Down Tilt causes. This is a decent move to teach Ike to use.

Up Tilt and Up Air can be used to catch landings. Up Special is generally better than Up tilt.

Down Smash is Ike’s best smash attack. It comes out at a decent speed if Ike is facing his opponent when he uses it but gets punished if he is facing the wrong way. It is the only smash attack worth using as the other ones are very slow. This move is optional as he does not need it in order to kill. If training this move, use it in small amounts.

Neutral Air should only be used to land. If Ike hits it, he can follow it up with an Up Special.

Dash Attack is a good kill option, but should be used seldom as it requires him to run.

Grabs in small amounts are optional, but do not dash grab.

Why It Works

This works because Ike’s forward tilt has good kill power, and because of the Up Special buffs in the 8.0 update. The super armor on the move means that it will win any interaction that does not involve a grab. 

Ike is a really strong amiibo when trained right. I hope you found this guide helpful. Good luck and have fun with the training!


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