The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Simon/Richter Belmont amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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Hello fellow amiibo trainers!  I’m DaveK, and as of writing this post I have been in the amiibo scene for about one year and nine months.  My Simon amiibo, Cornicello, made waves after his appearance in Amiibo Doctor’s “This Amiibo Tournament BROKE the Meta” video.  In this post we’ll go through what made Cornicello able to hold his own against some strong competition.

Simon Belmont lobbing his Axe.

AI Issues

Simon does not have any glaring AI flaws.  However, he may occasionally Down Tilt too close to the edge and SD.

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Overall Playstyle

Simon benefits from a grounded, defensive playstyle with a focus on keeping distance from the opponent and parrying.  Simon’s projectiles and whip range allow him to stay back and make the opponent vulnerable, and then capitalize on that vulnerability by getting in close to wrack up damage.

Richter amiibo using Down Air

How to Train the Simon and Richter Belmont amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Cornicello was trained in 1-on-1 matches on omega stages, 3-stock, 7 mins, no items, no hazards.  Before training Cornicello, I played as Simon in a few matches against CPUs and noticed that his Forward Smash has a lot of range.  So, while training, I used Forward Smash quite a bit but only from a distance.  Although Forward Smash stuck out, I recommend using the Belmonts’ entire moveset.  Their projectiles are a great set up for close combat, and their whip’s range can lend to effective long-range play.  

There were two key pieces to Cornicello’s training:  keeping at a distance and parrying.  These attributes work together to get the Belmonts in close.  Side Special works most effectively at getting in close as it gets the opponent off the ground, thus leaving them vulnerable.  Holy water is also a good option; it’s more versatile than Side Special in that it keeps the opponent in place and allows Simon to get inside for a grab or, from further out, land a Forward Smash or a Forward Tilt.  Parrying allows the Belmonts to stay in close for an Up Special or a grab.  I haven’t seen any Belmonts that grab, so I decided to see what Cornicello could do with it.  Combos like Up Throw to Up Smash and Down Throw to Forward Aerial seemed to be most effective, but I definitely recommend playing around with that.  Down Throw to Forward Aerial seems to have stuck more so than Up Throw to Up Smash.

Cornicello walks much more frequently than he runs.  Walking allows him to better space himself to land a Forward Smash, a Forward Tilt, or a combo.  Walking also comes in handy at the ledge.  Cornicello will often pace back and forth until the opponent grabs the ledge.  When the opponent rolls back onstage, Cornicello can grab, combo, and send them right back offstage.  Down Throw to Forward Aerial has proved to be most effective at the ledge, as well as Back Throw into projectile.  Side Special, Neutral Special, holy water, and Down Smash are also great options to keep opponents offstage.  Down Smash has good range, and to get Simon to use it properly, stand back far enough from the ledge where the end of the whip strikes the opponent as they return to the ledge.  You can also sprinkle in some Forward Smash, which during training seemed to work well against larger opponents like Bowser.

Richter amiibo using Forward Tilt

Why It Works

Simon is a slower character in his movement and attack speed.  With that in mind, staying at a distance, parrying, and walking work to his advantage.  His projectiles can put opponents in vulnerable positions and the range of his whip will reach opponents at a distance.  To get in close, it is crucial that Simon parries and follows up with an Up Special, Forward Tilt, Down Smash, or grab into a combo.

Each of Simon’s moves has a role to play in his success.  With patience and careful attention, Simon can be trained to use his full moveset and stand toe-to-toe with the scene’s strongest competitors.  Thank you to Amiibo Doctor and to all the amiibo trainers out there keeping the scene alive and well.  I’m on Discord at DaveK #9816.  Thank you for reading and happy training!


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