Why You Should Always Support Local Game Stores

by Doc – Owner, Founder, #Blessed, as the Kids Say

I have a story to tell you. It’s a happy story, and you’ll enjoy it.

Growing up, I always wanted a proper Gamecube controller. The Gamecube is my favorite console bar none, but I’ve never had a truly high-quality controller. I’ve had MadCatz with an A button that didn’t work, then half-broken Wavebirds (which are impossible to play Melee with), then the original run of Smash 4 Gamecube controllers whose shoulder buttons broke after about a year, and finally I ordered an Orange Spice controller online as a reward to myself for finishing my Constitutional Law midterm in early March of this year.

These controllers have all gotten me by, save for the MadCatz ones, and I always held onto hope that someday I’d get a better one. I just love the Gamecube controller, and having a great one always seemed like something that I would only be able to do once I was rich. It’s been sort of my goal in life to have the Mercedes-Benz of Gamecube controllers: perfect sticks, great mods, solid buttons, and so on.

This morning I finished my first year of law school, having completed my Criminal Law final. I decided that before I go out and have festivities with my fellow students, I wanted to quietly celebrate it for myself while running a few errands. This year has dragged me over the rocks, and I was looking for a few hours to un-bunch myself before moving on to my other responsibilities.

On the way to the errands, I pulled over at my local game store. After running through my usual routine (checking for amiibo, then checking for any other merch I may be interested in) I asked the counter if they had anything in the way of first-party Gamecube controllers. I didn’t plan on asking them for anything, it was just on a whim.

As it turns out, they had three. The first one was a new-looking Wavebird for $60. I’d already had Wavebirds and didn’t see a reason to get a third, so I passed. The second one was a new-looking Platinum controller with fresh-looking sticks for $45. I was heavily tempted by that and was actually about to buy it, but then I saw the third one. The third controller was a similarly-new Indigo for $40, but its XYAB, DPad, Start and Z buttons were transparent. I thought that was pretty cool-looking so I took it home even though I didn’t really need a new Gamecube controller.

After running my errands, I plugged in the controller to find this:

The buttons were transparent because they have RGB lights underneath them. And the sticks, buttons, shoulder buttons and everything were top-of-the-line smooth. This controller is absolutely perfect. I love it. To whomever put in the money for this controller, don’t worry: I’ll take good care of it.

And to think I got it for $40 because the game store didn’t know what they had. Support your local game store, folks.


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