The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Kazuya Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by: fammydamammy

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I’m fammydamammy, also known as “Fammy,” and I’m known for many amiibo, one of which being Kazuya. My Kazuya currently has two vanilla amiibo tournament wins, numerous Top 8 placements, and is Top 10 in Amiibots at the time of writing.

AI Issues

Kazuya’s AI is possibly one of the best in the game. It’s hardcoded to perform an extremely vast array of combos at nearly any percent. However, Kazuya’s primary weaknesses in amiibo come down to recovering and approaching.

First, while Kazuya’s recovery is decent distance-wise, it’s extremely exploitable since it’s very slow and very vulnerable. In addition to that, the AI has a habit of peeking over the ledge with Up Special, which can easily be taken advantage of by amiibo that are taught to ledge trap. Second, Kazuya also struggles to approach opponents due to his slow speed, being very easily overwhelmed on stage by characters with fast options or good range.

Overall Playstyle

The Kazuya amiibo in amiibo vs. amiibo fights should prioritize staying grounded for a majority of the match so that he can utilize his strongest options: Electric Wind God Fist, Grab, and Side Special.

You can review Kazuya’s many different inputs at the SSBWiki page.

Take a couple of amiibo like Dr. Mario and Luigi where once they build momentum, they become a force to be reckoned with. Now, take this concept and multiply it tenfold, and you’ve got Kazuya in amiibo. He is very vulnerable approaching and disadvantaged offstage but is oppressive once he gets in. The opponent will either take a crap ton of damage, or just have their stock taken by Kazuya’s hard-hitting combos.

How to Train the Kazuya Amiibo

To preface, in order to train Kazuya most effectively you will need to know how to take advantage of his special inputs, those being Wind God Fist, Electric Wind God Fist, and Dragon Uppercut. However, his AI is coded so you’ll only need to do one of the following in order for him to use all of them. For example, if I only taught Wind God Fist during training, Kazuya will naturally also pick up Electric Wind God Fist and Dragon Uppercut. You’ll also have to teach Kazuya to use Spinning Demon > Left Hook, Stature Smash, and Demon God Fist, though they’re not nearly as essential as the moves mentioned previously.

(Facing right, inputs are reversed when facing left)
Wind God Fist 🡢🡣🡮A
Electric Wind God Fist 🡢🡣🡮+A
Dragon Uppercut 🡢🡣🡮A (Press and hold)
Spinning Demon > Left Hook 🡢🡣🡮B
Stature Smash 🡧A
Demon God Fist (while rising)A

Now with that covered, let’s get into the moves you’ll want to be teaching your Kazuya amiibo.

Moves to Use

Wind God Fist/Electric Wind God Fist/Dragon Uppercut: These moves are going to be the main moves to spam when training Kazuya. Electric Wind God Fist and its non-electric counterpart are amazing combo starters that lead to either massive damage or kills. Dragon Uppercut has amazing kill power, intangibility frames, and can even be comboed into.

Side Special: Another one of Kazuya’s strongest combo starters, Side Special gives him a solid burst-option that allows him to quickly close distance and get in the moment the opponent leaves themselves vulnerable to attack. Follow up this move with Grab or Stature Smash. Use Side Special very frequently at midrange, since the AI can be somewhat stubborn to learn it.

Grab: Very reliable grab that helps Kazuya beat shield and parry while also being yet another amazing combo starter that nets him either a ton of damage or a kill. Use it a lot up close.

Neutral Special: This move is essential to Kazuya’s kit in amiibo since it prevents amiibo from simply camping outside of Kazuya’s effective range. Use it a lot at a distance.

Spinning Demon > Left Hook: Very strong move that hits twice, it’s good to teach in relatively small amounts.

Stature Smash: By itself it’s a good combo starter but prioritize Kazuya’s other main combo starters mentioned previously.

Demon God Fist: Good move that can lead to kill confirms with moves such as Dragon Uppercut, though it should only be used very sparingly since it can be very easy for Kazuya to build a habit of spamming this move more than he should.

Why It Works

This method of training Kazuya is one of the strongest since it both minimizes one of his biggest weaknesses (approaching neutral) and maximizes one of his biggest strengths (his oppressive combo game).

While Kazuya still struggles against amiibo who can edge guard or ledge trap him effectively, he still pulls through in matchups where on paper he should be at a disadvantage since his advantage state is so oppressive, making him possibly one of the strongest amiibo in the game.


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