The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Min Min amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Doc – Owner, Founder, Ramen Has Too Many Carbs

Hi, I’m Amiibo “Doc” Doctor. In preparation for the release of the Min Min amiibo next week, I’ll be sharing instructions and advice on how to train your Min Min amiibo to be as potent of an opponent as possible. I’ve already covered most of this information (but not all) in a Youtube video on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube Channel, so if you’d rather watch this guide and read it, click here:

AI Issues

The SD Problem

Due to an issue with how Min Min handles her incredibly large Forward Air hitboxes, she’ll sometimes try to attack the opponent instead of recovering to the ledge. Then, once her Forward Air’s endlag has finished, she’ll be too low to successfully recover, so she just dies.

There’s no way to fix this permanently, only training methods that prevent it from happening. Your best bet is to avoid jumping, and definitely don’t go offstage.

Move Favoritism

Min Min has significant preference for Neutral Air, Down Air and Up Smash. As with many amiibo, there’s no way to completely fix this. Your best option is simply to never use Neutral Air or Down Air, and to minimize your Up Smash usage (we’ll use a little bit of Up Smash for point-blank training later).


It’s not too hard to produce a Min Min amiibo that mostly stays on the ground, but at some point your Min Min will jump. When she jumps, it’ll most likely be to use Neutral Air, even though there were far better options at her disposal. Of course, there’s no way to fix this completely, but you can at least minimize your jumping and never, ever use Neutral Air.

Up Special Attack

The Min Min amiibo can use Up Special as an attack. Great! But it doesn’t connect that often, and it’ll usually attack with it when even Neutral Air would be a better choice. Not so great.

Unlike the other problems on this list, you actually can solve this problem. Simply never use Up Special unless you’re below the ledge and recovering to the ledge. If the hitbox of Up Special would connect with the opponent, don’t use it. The amiibo will basically never use Up Special as an attack except in rare situations.

I have seen Min Min amiibo use Up Air chains and finish it off with Up Special as an attack, which is pretty dope. It’s not optimal, but it’s cool as hell.

Down Tilt

Oddly enough, Min Mins also always end up using Down Tilt to some degree. This isn’t as serious as the other issues on this list, but it does hinder the amiibo and can’t be prevented. Fortunately, you’ll sometimes see Min Min follow up Down Tilt with other attacks, so it’s not all bad.

Min Min amiibo getting ready to attack.

Overall Playstyle

Most Min Min amiibo are going to be 80% the same because the developers pre-programmed a lot of her more advanced options. In addition, Min Min’s unavoidable insistence on being a long-range camper means that she just has significantly fewer playstyle options than a typical amiibo.

Train your Min Min amiibo to be a stationary, sedentary opponent who stands at one edge of the stage and throws out attacks. That’s right – we’re training a For Glory Min Min. Ethics be damned. We’re doing this because amiibo don’t usually have a solid approach, and Min Min is a character literally designed to break all but the best approaches possible. Stationary Min Mins often take entire stocks without enduring one hit.

How to Train the Min Min amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Before continuing, familiarize yourself with the typical amiibo training protocol. I’m assuming you’re a regular reader of this site and are already familiar with this information.

Before training the Min Min amiibo, I have a few ground rules:

  • Walk, don’t run
  • No Neutral Air, Down Air, Up Special (unless recovering)
  • Only use Megawatt
  • Omega stages only
  • Let Min Min hit you (and parry it whenever possible)
  • Always use Dragonfire Extension at the end of your Smash attacks

Because Min Min is such a distance-focused amiibo, we won’t be recommending the usual match-by-match training that you often see in my videos. Instead, you’ll be changing your tactics based on the distance between you and the amiibo.

Min Min amiibo preparing a grab.

Long Distance

When the amiibo is at farther than arm’s length (ba dum tss) but you can still connect with an attack, do so. This typically consists of simply throwing out a Forward Smash, and angling it slightly upward to make sure it connects if she jumps. You’ll also want to use the optional extension after it connects or is shielded. This allows the amiibo an extra opportunity to learn to parry.

You should sometimes be connecting with 1-2 Forward Tilt punches, but those should only be used about half as often as Forward Smashes. Your Min Min should only be just barely walking when it uses these Forward Tilts.

Middle Distance

When your opponent is a bit closer than the full length of an ARMS attack, but not quite within jabbing distance, start using grabs. Grabbing with Min Min is kind of odd: she has a long and somewhat slow grab, but it boosts her Dragon Arm knockback by 20% when she successfully throws someone. That’s a serious boost, and given the boost and the lack of mid-range options for Min Min, I’d say it’s well worth working grabs into her kit.

You’ll also want to keep using Forward Tilt at this range. Don’t use Forward Smash anymore, because that’s too slow (and the amiibo will end up using Forward Smash at mid-range anyway.)


This is where most Min Mins fail. Any Min Min can keep an opponent at bay for a while, but it’s inevitable that some opponents will break through the ARMS wall. How you teach your Min Min to act when the opponent is up close is, in my opinion, the make-or-break of a Min Min amiibo.

Fortunately, you have three options:

  • Jab
  • Up Tilt
  • Up Smash

I recommend taking all three. Min Min’s infinite jab is useful at building damage, and it has enough knockback that it will reset the opponent to mid-range in most cases. Her Up Tilt and Up Smash are very useful juggle options that prevent amiibo from returning to the stage, and she can KO with Up Smash.

Keep in mind that it only takes a little bit of Up Smash for her to get the idea and never stop using it. As they say, a Dollop Will Do Ya. Minimize your use of Up Smash to only a few times in the entire training session and you’ll be fine.

Why This Works

Min Min’s ridiculously large Forward Smashes and Tilts produce a highly potent wall that will defeat many slower amiibo opponents with ease. The faster or more parry-heavy opponents that break through the wall will be met with Min Min’s adequate point-blank options, that will then repel the opponent back outside the wall.


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