The Great Min Min Shortage of 2022

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Man Who Stands in Line

Edit: At this moment Best Buy’s online orders for Min Min are live again. It seems they’ve withheld much of the initial supply to deliver them the first week of May.

I had two ways to spend my morning. I could either remotely attend a Constitutional Law review for my ConLaw final next Monday, or I could stand in line at Gamestop to make sure I got my Min Min amiibo. I’ll give you two guesses on what I picked.

When I was talking with the Gamestop employee at the register, he mentioned that each store only received four amiibo. I’ve also heard similar stories from Target employees (my local Target didn’t get any), and reports are showing up in my inbox claiming that the stores they worked at only got four as well. This isn’t confined to Gamestop and Target: Best Buy employees either didn’t receive Min Mins at all, or were restricted to online pickup for the few Min Mins that were ordered through their store. Mom-and-Pop stores were left in the dust, as they often are.

This didn’t surprise me one bit. In fact, I was so sure that this would be the case that I made a Youtube short warning people about their preorders being canceled due to lack of Min Min supply. People are going so crazy for the Min Min amiibo that the preorders have been going for $45 and up on eBay:

Still a better promise than crypto

I don’t know about you, but I’m interpreting all of this as an indicator that my Steve Supply Theory was correct. Nintendo would have no reason to so vastly undersupply one of the only new amiibo they’ve released in a while unless they were using that production capacity for their future amiibo. Now that the theories about lack of Min Min supply has been shown to be true, I’m 100% certain that my theory is correct.

What do you think? Leave a comment, if you would.

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