The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Jigglypuff amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by CraigUK37, Guest Contributor

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Craig currently owns several of the best Jigglypuff amiibo in the meta, and has managed to make headway with an amiibo otherwise considered to be useless. His amiibo have managed to pull a 65% winrate on, by far the highest that any Jigglypuff amiibo have been able to obtain after a hundred matches.

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AI Issues

Jigglypuff likes to jump, which is bad because jigglypuff has no moves which help it land safe, so being in the air might be the worst place for her to be. I usually want to avoid as much as possible being in the air, so not attacking grounded opponents with aerials should help with that, and also just keeping to grounded moves as much as possible during the training.

She also doesn’t seem to want to go off stage to edgeguard, I don’t know if this is impossible to train because I have seen her do it once or twice. But usually not something she does at all

Parry>Shielding, Teaching puff to parry is better than shielding, shield break is going to kill her, a multihit move which beats parry usually wont.

Its mainly just jumping though.

Platforms are ground, so puff will try to rollout on them, which isn’t great. You do not want to be stuck on a platform.

Overall Playstyle

Rollout. Even though it might hold the rollout charge for too long and get punished for it a lot, when this move hits, it hits like a truck. Great for getting damage and kills. Beats or clashes with alohan whip, beats or clashes with most moves. If the opponent jumps a lot its probs not going to hit ever, and if the opponent is standing right on the edge of the stage it also wont hit them. If you can train it to run away and rollout that would be best, as usually if it tries to charge it point blank in someones face its always going to punished. Also it keeps puff on the ground which is what you want.

Aside from a lot of Rollout, there’s three other pillars of Jigglypuff that are often mentioned, but have their own nitpicks. These are playstyle options that sometimes get used, but I’m not banking on them.

Dash attack is pretty consistent damage, and it does have kill potential at higher percents. Ideally you would be doing rollout in most situations where you can dash attack, so even though its good I would rather rollout.


I am 50/50 on if Rest is a good move to train puff. It is risky and in my experience misses a bit too much leaving you open to a punish. BUT given most characters are going to beat puff in a straight fight, I usually opt to have it know rest just because it can win you games you would otherwise have no chance of winning. And usually the punish isn’t too bad depending on how the opponent is trained, I have had amiibo not attack a resting puff at all or sometimes they just do an uncharged smash attack. If you can get the puff to not punish opponents rolling onto stage from a ledge grab, this would be best. as that is where I notice most misses come from


I don’t personally train my amiibo to use this move because again, I’d rather it be rolling out, but I have noticed opponent AI sometimes have no idea what to think of its hitbox, if they are a grounded melee based character they often just run right into it. Beaten by jumps/being in the air, or projectiles or characters with very long reach.

How to Train the Jigglypuff amiibo

Aside from Rollout, which was mentioned above and is the center of the Jigglypuff amiibo, this is what I have to say about training. First, you should stay on the ground – when an opponent gets below you, you’re screwed. You can’t use Rollout in the air, after all. Jigglypuff is a character designed to be very aerial, but we’re not going to do that today.

Use a normal ruleset – you can read about that here. There’s no AI tricks that we’ll need to exploit. You’ll just be using the moves that I mention below so that Jigglypuff understands them.

Obviously, use Rollout. Rollout is the crux of your Jigglypuff amiibo, and it’s absolutely vital that it gets Rollout. Aside from Rollout, you’ll want to use:

Down Tilt: this is a magical move which I personally love, its knock back angle is pretty nasty to opponents with bad recovery. If you land one of these on an incineroar near the edge of the stage its usually goodnight for them.

Jab: I usually want them to jab, because its her fastest option, if you parry its a quick few % that should come out faster than they can react

Smash attacks
They are all pretty good because puff struggles to kill, down smash hits both sides, sends them at an angle off the edge like down tilt, but not as aggressively. Forward smash kills, and upsmash to catch opponents landing if you arent already rolling out to catch it.

Why It Works

For whatever reason, staying on the ground keeps Jigglypuff safe from most hazards that she can’t defend herself from. In addition, Rollout is a character-moving hitbox, which tends to do well in amiibo. Its launch angle is very horizontal, which works wonders for amiibo.


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