The 2021 Smash Bros Amiibo tier list – Kangoni

This is Kangoni’s opinion on the current amiibo tier list. The main amiibo tier list is here.

There are a couple placements that I’d want to explain.

Pokemon Trainer:

Pokemon Trainer is A tier mainly because of Charizard. Charizard is better than every other amiibo in the game on his own, and his partners only slightly weigh him down. Flare Blitz is an incredibly broken move and takes kills easily. Not to mention, that If your Squirtle and Ivysaur are super good as well in combination with your Flare Blitz spamming Charizard, good things happen, and fast.


Hero is so high because he has a lot of different playstyles that all can win tournaments. CadenLisa’s Hero won tournaments by chaining attacks together, Luckman’s Hero won the most recent Amiibo Strike by using a more magic/spell based kit, and Trollmaster’s Hero amiibo spammed Down smash and won a major tournament. Musket Method Hero works as well and makes use of its crits to get early kills. Hero is busted.

King K. Rool

King K. Rool is broken. His Belly Armor saves him from getting killed and keeps him around longer. It got buffed recently so it’s even more broken. And the optimal King K. Rool spams moves that just happen to have gotten buffs recently. He keeps getting better patches.


Zelda is in A+. Why? Well its mostly due to the fact that there are ALOT of really good Zelda amiibo running around and winning/doing well in stuff. Zelda by herself has alot more wins than any amiibo in the current CTL A+ tier, and A tier. That and her being anti-meta against the majority of the top tiers should push her up ever so slightly into that A+ tier range.

Duck Hunt

A lot of people say that Duck Hunt is inconsistent, but in reality, Duck Hunt has a lot of nasty tools that people haven’t realized yet that make the duo better than most think they are. Their Smash attacks are multi-hits, meaning amiibo that parry do super poorly against them; in a meta where parries and shielding are very common and very good, this is an amazing option to have, not to mention that they have really good kill power. Duck Hunt also does very, VERY well offstage, as its recovery is pretty good, meaning that the duo can dunk amiibo to the blastzone and back.

Ice Climbers

Ever since the recent patch that has buffed Nana’s AI, the Ice Climbers have gotten a lot more consistent, and in return, deadlier. They have an amazing combo game off of dash attack that leads them to get alot of damage on the opponent in a very short amount of time. Combine that with really strong smash attacks and up air juggles, and Ice Climbers start to become really good. The Nana AI change has caused the pair not to SD due to Nana being a moron as much as before, and the same patch made their up special more consistently snap to ledge, meaning they have a much safer recovery.

Simon & Richter

The Belmonts. The most underrated amiibo of pretty much all time. They are mostly in the low tiers due to their god awful recovery, but when a good one comes about, man is it a slaughter. The Belmonts have a really good kit for amiibo, and are some of the best amiibo for keeping you offstage. Forward Tilt is really, really good, as its fast, has little to no endlag, and can keep the distance from their opponent. They also have side special, the cross, that can keep amiibo at bay. When they get close, down special, the holy water, can set up into more Forward Tilt juggles, or even kill confirms into Forward Smash. Once these two start to see more entrance, they will surely go up. Richter has won a B and below Supermajor after all.


Now Ken. Man don’t even get me started on this dude. Ken probably has one of the worst AI in this game, ever. There are so many things that can go wrong, its insane. Not to mention his complete lack of range outside of spamming Neutral Special, and his mixture of weird tilts and special varients make Ken the absolute worst amiibo. Ever. Ken combined with his garbage AI, lack of range, lack of kill power, and bad recovery make him worse than Sheik. Speaking of Sheik…


Sheik? Not the worst? Explain Immidately.

Alright, alright. Sheik has alot of tools that overwhelm alot of amiibo in the current meta. Even though she lacks kill power, or frankly, damage output, it still doesnt make her the worst in the game. Over time alot of things have been discovered that help Sheik out in alot of ways that she didnt have before. For example, Sheik has down tilt into Up Smash, and for the most part it works. That gives Sheik a kill confirm that she so desperately needed. She can also carry opponents across the stage with one forward tilt, which leads into several other moves, combine that with her amazing offstage, you can basically die at 0%. Sheik’s AI is really smart, her kit not having alot of power drags her way down. Still not worse than Ken though.


Well, those are some of my tier list takes. I update this list on a weekly basis in the United Smashifist Amiibo Coalition Discord server, so come stop by every once and a while.

If you have any other questions on some characters placements, feel free to message me on discord at Kangoni#4205 and let me know your thoughts.

Would you like the Kang Tier List to be updated on the site? Let me know in the comments section of this post. Maybe it will happen.


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