The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Link amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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Hi there! My name is Bubs, and I am a pretty good Amiibo trainer in the scene (mainly spirits) with people mainly knowing me for Link and Raid Boss stuff every now and then. My Link has gotten very good results in many of Wumbos tourneys with him letting me place top 8 most of the time, and even getting top 3 many times. My Link also got me to top 8 in Amiibology which was a very big tourney that was run by Wumbo.

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Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel video on how to train the Link amiibo.

AI Issues

Links AI is pretty solid, with mainly one major AI problem. So when Link is at ledge and the opponent is offstage he will most likely pull out a bomb at ledge and start getting distracted by it and possibly blow himself up. It is best to avoid this move at all costs and this is built in so don’t worry about him pulling out the bomb at the ledge.

How to (Not) Train the Link amiibo

Now, before moving on to playstyle, here is a list of moves to avoid and why.
Dash attack – Dash attack is pretty worthless since you want a link to walk more than run, and Dash attack is a slow move. With Link having better moves like Forward Tilt and Forward smash, Dash attack is pretty much useless.

Up Special on or offstage – Link Up Special on stage is bad because of it being slow. If the opponent shields it Link could die for using Up Special on stage. Up Special offstage/aerial Up Special is horrible because he could SD with it and you shouldn’t want Link jumping that much to begin with so when training Link only uses up to recover and NOTHING else.

Arrow – Arrows are HORRIBLE for Link. NEVER use arrows because Boomerang outclasses this move sooo much, so if you see Link charging an arrow try to avoid it so he doesn’t learn to use it.

Overall Playstyle

Link should stay primarily grounded, walk and throw Boomerangs along with usage of Forward smash or Up smash when opponents get close to him. Teaching him to parry can also help out a bit so he can parry strong hits from opponents. You may also want to teach him a bit of forward air since it can kill at early percents and is crazy strong, so if you would like go ahead and edgeguard with fair offstage (don’t go too far offstage though since Links recovery is good but not the strongest) or do Boomerang into fair.

To put into more simpler terms on what moves to use, when the opponent is above you mainly use up smash and a little bit of . When the opponent is in front of you use Forward smash and some Forward Tilt. If the opponent is offstage you should really just stand at ledge and use Boomerang then just do a smash attack when they get back on the stage (you can also go for a Forward air ledge guard but personally I don’t think it’s too great of an option but you can if you want since it could work out for you). When you are in the air and want to land use Neutral Air and Down Air since Neutral Air can lead into something and Down Air can kill at higher percents.

Some other moves you can use but shouldn’t focus on

Down smash – Down smash can be good at ledge since it can catch rolls and is a decent smash attack.

Grabs – Down throw into is a good combo Link can learn (along with down throw to up smash but  is better), and he can also do down throw into up air as well at higher percents. Up throw is a kill throw too, but don’t focus on grabs too much, only do it every now and then since you don’t want him using grabs too much.

Back air – Back air can work if you land with it or do a short hop back air since the first hit of back air can lead into some things like up smash or .

Spirit Link notes and sets

Hyper Smash Attacks – Weapon Attack – Toss and Meteor

This set works really well if you can train a good very basic Link

Giant – Weapon Attack

This set works if you believe in your Link to take two more stocks without giant, if you rely on giant too much don’t use this

Floaty Jumps – Weapon Attack – Hyper Smash Attacks
This is good in case you are scared of your Link not making it back or if you want a Link that can edgeguard and not have to worry about recovery, but if you just want to use it for recovery then don’t jump too much or your Link may jump a lot

These are just some spirit sets I recommend but you can do whatever you like. Although make sure you put spirits on at level 1 so you don’t mess up the AI at level 50.

Why it Works

Many people just assume (sadly) that Link is very basic and you just need smash attacks and Boomerang, but training an optimal Link is harder than you would think. But don’t let that discourage you! Link is still a fun Amiibo to train and he can do really well in tournaments if you train a good one! I hope this guide helped you out and have fun training!


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