The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mii Gunner Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by: RazorForce21

Hello, I’m RazorForce21, and I’m known for many amiibo, a couple of which are my Mii Gunners: Soldier and Sniper. My Mii Gunner amiibo have many top 8 placements. I currently have 3 Mii Gunner amiibo in the top 5 Mii Gunners, one of whom is top 8 in vanilla Amiibots with a 40 rating.

AI Issues

Mii Gunner with this specific moveset has almost no AI flaws – the AI uses almost all of its moves as they were intended. However, Mii Gunner has been plagued with an extremely rare SD which can occur when using Gunner Missile offstage. When this happens, she will usually be pushed in the direction opposite of where she shot the missile, which can sometimes lead her too far to reach the ledge.

Mii Gunner also has some AI quirks. She will sometimes land with Echo Reflector and Up Air. She will also sometimes land with Laser Blaze and Grenade Launch.

Overall Playstyle

Mii Gunner should stay grounded at all times, as the AI can sometimes be a little jumpy. This guide will cover the missile Mii Gunner variant, that of both Soldier and Sniper. The bread and butter of missile Mii Gunner’s move set consists of Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, and Side Special and also going offstage and using Neutral Air (and some Back Air sprinkled in). Your Mii Gunner should play defensively, opting for Missiles and Smash attacks when the opponent is at the appropriate range to hit them.

How To Train the Mii Gunner Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Before we start, when you create your Mii Gunner, you should be using the special set 3311. This special set is Grenade Launch, Gunner Missile, Lunar Launch, and Echo Reflector.

Mii Gunner uses Grenade Launch to edge guard offstage as well as rack up damage onstage.

Gunner Missile is the best projectile in the special set.

Lunar Launch is preferred as while you are more susceptible to gimps than Arm Cannon users, its wide hitbox allows you to be able to gimp and sometimes kill opponents beneath you.

Echo Reflector is also preferred because it allows Mii Gunner to win matchups against projectile users such as other missile Mii Gunners, Kazuya, and King K. Rool.

Moves to Use

Forward Smash: Quite possibly the best Forward Smash in the entire amiibo metagame. It’s a long-ranged, multi-hit, high knockback move that kills most lightweight to midweight opponents at ledge at around 60-80% damage. Use this move very often at close to medium range.

Up Smash: Another multi-hit move, but lacks the range of Forward Smash. Use this move as an anti-air and sometimes when you are very close to the opponent.

Down Smash: Another good up-close option for Mii Gunner. Use this move to catch rolls at ledge. 

Side Special: One of the best projectiles in the amiibo metagame, its walling capabilities alone rival the likes of Min Min, and is great for dealing damage to opponents that are far away. Use this move sparingly though, as it is very easy for Mii Gunner to pick up. If you use it too much, Mii Gunner can sometimes find it hard to kill.

Grab: Use this move somewhat often. The only issue with using Grab too much is that it is a bit slow with barely any range, with Mii Gunner having no kill throws. However, Mii Gunner gets good mileage out of it with combos such as:

Down Throw > Neutral Air

Down Throw > Back Air

Up Throw > Up Air

Neutral Air: Make sure you land this move almost all the time, both onstage and offstage, as it’s Mii Gunner’s best landing move. It’s an excellent move with good knockback, which allows Mii Gunner to go deep offstage to net some kills against opponents with poor recoveries, and to swat away opponents who attempt to edge guard them.

Back Air: Use this move maybe 5 times throughout training. It’s another move that has good knockback but is not as good as Neutral Air (since Neutral Air is a good all-around move).

Why It Works

The end result should be a Mii Gunner that oppresses opponents with Forward Smash up close, Down Smash to catch rolls, Up Smash for anti-air, and Side Special to wall out opponents while going offstage and gimping opponents with Neutral Air. While Mii Gunner sometimes struggles against opponents who can edge guard, the combination of Mii Gunner’s Smash attacks and Gunner Missile grant her mostly even matchups and label her as a force to be reckoned with.


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