The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mewtwo Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by: Planetar

Hi, I’m Planetar, and for multiple months I’ve been labbing and researching Mewtwo. I have multiple top 8 placements with my Mewtwos (my most notable one being Bob) and top 2 on Amiibots and today, I’m here to give you a guide on how to train this menace.

Doc note: Please be advised that since the recent authorship of this piece some new Mewtwo discoveries have been made by Planetar & co. Stay tuned.

AI Issues

Mewtwo doesn’t have many character-destroying flaws, although his most notable one is with Side Special. Mewtwo doesn’t know how to deal with Neutral Special, and as such, struggles to use it properly. This issue can lead to Mewtwo being vulnerable, so watch out. Mewtwo will use Neutral Special out of parry sometimes, which leaves him super vulnerable and can be the difference in a match.

Overall Playstyle

As a glass cannon, Mewtwo wants to be really aggressive, since he can accumulate loads of damage with his amazing ground and offstage game. He can take down even the highest-tiered amiibo. Mewtwo should be a mix of grounded and aerial, since he can utilize his best moves when grounded and deal significant damage with Forward Air.

Parrying is a risk due to the AI flaw mentioned under “AI Issues.” Shielding is way better than parrying for Mewtwo, as shielding can help the amiibo deal with bad matchups like Mii Gunner.

How to Train the Mewtwo Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Before I begin, I would like to mention the best format to train Mewtwo is 15 stocks, 3 games, as Mewtwo levels up very quickly.

Moves to Use

Forward Tilt: by far his best tool. It’s fast, it can kill, it’s good for racking up damage, and it sets up for edge guards. Against some characters it’s unpunishable, which basically means Mewtwo wins the interaction. Use this move a lot.

Forward Air: probably the best Forward Air in the game. It’s really good for damage building, it can kill at absurd percents, and it can even combo into itself! Use this move when landing, edge guarding, and when the opponent is above you.

Dash attack: it’s an amazing approach option. It sets up into Forward Air perfectly, and it can also kill which is a great bonus. Use both the sweet spot and the sour spot in training.

Down Tilt: it’s a good move to un-stale Forward Tilt, and it can combo into Dash attack, Forward Air, and Up Smash. It also helps rack up damage, and I suggest using this move six times a game for best outcomes.

Up Smash: only to be used as an anti-air. It’s a very good anti-air, and since it’s a multi-hit the AI won’t shield all of it on platforms, basically giving Mewtwo a free stock or good damage.

Neutral Air: one of the best landing options in the game, another multi-hit that combos into other moves in Mewtwo’s kit. It’s a very good edge guarding tool, even able to kill certain characters at 0%, like Bowser or Shulk. Use it to land, and when the opponent is below you offstage.

Back Air: this move should only be used out of a ledge drop, since it has no other usage in any other scenario.

Down Smash: it’s a solid kill option, and at low percent it can combo into Dash attack. It must be used rarely though, since its startup is slow.

Neutral Special: despite its numerous AI flaws, it’s still viable. If you decide to use Neutral Special, during the first game you should use it fully charged and kill with it once. During the second game, use the medium charged variant eight times, and don’t use it during the third game.

Down Special: this move is optional. It can secure stocks with a Forward Smash, but it gets punished heavily if whiffed.

Forward Smash: another optional move, it can take stocks early but it’s really laggy and heavily outclassed by Forward Tilt.

Grab: it has its niches, but its range is poor and has a serious problem with Up Throw. If you Grab, in order of priority, do Down Throw > Back Throw > Forward Throw (don’t use Up Throw).

Up Air: an alright alternative to Up Smash. If you plan to use this move, only use it to juggle, but rarely.

Moves to Avoid

Side Special, Up Special, and Down Air; these moves are horrible and can mess Mewtwo up entirely, so avoid them at all costs. Still use Up Special to recover, however, and Side Special is built in to reflect projectiles.

Why It Works

Mewtwo is able to keep up with the majority of higher-tiered amiibo with his pressure, utility, edge guarding and overall kill power.

Mewtwo can dominate most matches despite his poor weight. Mewtwo is most notably known as a Glass Cannon. He can be a check most if not all mid-tiered and low-tiered amiibo if trained well and can do well even against the highest of tiers.

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