The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Wii Fit Trainer amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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By Scuttler, Guest Contributor

Now I’ve been in the amiibo scene for a decent amount of time, probably around 8
months by now, and in that time, I’ve been labbing out Wii Fit Trainer, I’ve gotten multiple high placing rankings and even the First Wii Fit Trainer win in Smash Ultimate.

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AI Issues

Wii Fit Trainer has a couple of AI Issues, the biggest and hardest one to deal with is her use of Side Special, Header.
If you use this move, she will tend to, and way too much, start spamming it for no reason.

Now onto Wii Fit Trainer’s Neutral Special.
It’s a good move and Wii Fit Trainer should be taught to use it, but the problem is that she will randomly charge it and it will sometimes get her punished.

Overall Playstyle

Wii Fit Trainer has a very interesting playstyle, she mostly stays grounded, but she can set up for aerials and her air game isn’t half bad. Wii Fit Trainer’s main set of moves will be smash attacks and grabs, which we will cover in the next section.

How To Train / Training Methods

Wii Fit Trainer has amazing grab setups and amazing Smash Attacks, but the one
thing that makes this character special is her Down Special, Deep Breathing.
This move gives Wii Fit Trainer quite a few buffs, such as:

~ 1.2x Damage Output
~ .9x Damage Taken
~ 1.2x Walk Speed
~ 1.2x Dash Speed
~ 1.16x Falling Speed
~ 1.16x Gravity.

Wii Fit Trainer’s “combos” include:

~ Up Throw > Up Smash / Forward Smash at low percents
~ Down Throw > Forward Air / Back Air / Down Air
~ Up Throw > Up Air at mid percents
~ Up Throw into Down Air at high percents
~ Neutral Air > Down Smash (which sometimes leads into
Down Air offstage)
~ Neutral Air > Neutral Air > Up Air > Neutral Air > Up Smash

Forward Smash should be used quite often, as it’s strong and has a hitbox on both sides of Wii Fit Trainer.
Up Smash is such a good move, its strong, its got a surprising hitbox and is a great anti air. Use it a lot.
Down Smash is great for gimping and setting up for either a tech chase, or a Down Air offstage, and can kill quite often. (It also makes her hurtbox a lot smaller.)
Neutral Air is a great move for racking up damage and setting up for kill confirms, so use it often.
Forward Air can just carry opponents to the other side of the stage where Wii Fit Trainer can just kill them, and if she lands the spike part onstage, she will follow up with a Smash Attack.
Down Air is good for spiking and onstage she can connect Down Air with another Down Air or Forward Air.
Back Air is a good move for killing and to use after an early percent Down Throw.
Up Air is great for finishing off Neutral Air strings and can get a few K.O’s along the way.
Down Tilt is a great launching move and can catch some recoveries.
Neutral Special, only charge this once per match and only use it to edge guard.
All her throws are good and should be used, but use Down Throw and Up Throw more than the other throws.

Why It Works

Wii Fit Trainer has amazing smash attacks that kill and great setups with throws.

With the added specialty of Deep Breathing, this method leads to high damage and early kills and a playstyle that’s good and is fun to watch.


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