Announcing Amiibart Test Wave Finale!

Amiibart Test Wave Finale is releasing, and it’ll be the last wave that does Amiibart the way Amiibart has gone so far. It contains a total of 18 Amiibarts, including three Chases and one Adamentum, 4 Amiibart Portraits, including a 2-pack, and three Cheery Bombs. Puff of Color has been shelved for now due to lack of interest.

First off, if you’re wondering what Amiibart is, Amiibart is a virtual Super Smash Brothers/amiibo themed collectible. It was designed for the amiibo community to have a free, cool new thing to do that isn’t training, tournaments, or just chatting, as well as to get people into more amiibo servers and to support amiibo streamers. Your average Amiibart image is quite simple- the image, then a small bit denoting the sequence (where was it in the order made) and number made, and a sticker that shows where it was exclusive to. Each one has a certain number produced, and once a unique piece is sent to the recipient it is deleted from every other place it is.

So, what keeps it collectible?

I do my best on my end, and I don’t have copies of any that I’ve sent out. I keep the original (AP) in case I need it for reference or to do a variant later, but the rest- from the AP 0, the Sequence One, and all the way through the end of the Sequence- go to collectors. You are the one keeping it collectible. There isn’t any trading because enforcing it would be too difficult. Sorry. As soon as you share it or screenshot and share it, that piece is no longer collectible- and I’ll be barring you from collecting in the future. Hopefully, there’ll be a website at some point where you log in, put in a code, and receive a corresponding piece into your virtual “collection”, but until then, there are a couple annoyances to deal with, and there won’t be any ways to trade.

So, how do you receive these? It’s actually really simple. At a predetermined time and place, I drop a code into server or Twitch stream chat. The first (number made) people to DM me the code via Discord receive a randomly selected Sequence of that piece. For drops in the official server, there’ll be a channel to put the code into to make things easier on you guys.

Okay, I’m following so far, but what’s with the acronyms? Well, AP stands for Artist Proof- think of it as a prototype, or a template I make the rest with. AP 0s are sort of a “trial run” of that piece. LE stands for Limited Edition- here, it’s used to refer to the number produced. Simple enough, right?

*AP 0s are being discontinued due to taking too long. Edition sizes will be increased overall to compensate.

First of all, Amiibart Official has a Discord ( that you can join for exclusive Amiibarts, as well as early reveals and the ability to give me feedback, requests, and other stuff where YOU can influence what direction Amiibart goes in. Collectors are my number one source of feedback, and feedback is generally how I decide what pieces to make, how limited to make them, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Please note that to prevent alting or spamming, Amiibart will not currently be given to anyone who has not participated in the amiibo community (this can be as small as just chatting a bit) for at least a month.

Aside from two more announcements coming soon (Amiibart Winter Con and one other), the general update stuff is as follows. First, AP 0s have been discontinued. Second, to reflect the increase in collectors (we’ve hit about 25 people, including a handful of people who try to snag every last release) piece counts overall have been upped. Commons that don’t have Chases have had their piece counts downed, but nearly everything else has been increased. 

Third, there has been a new rarity of Amiibart called Adamentums in the works, and this wave you’ll see one or two. Adamentums are essentially Chases of Chases. A piece will have a certain number produced. Half will be the regular version, a third will be Chases, and the remaining sixth will be Adamentums. Where Chases tend to be variants that have been given the black and white treatment, a slightly different pose, or some sort of “Brushstroke” version, Adamentums are notable in that they have a change to their entire color. The effect is actually really nice, and collectors should enjoy them. Plus, for our more casual collectors, the chance of getting something other than the regular version is ½, so there should be some excitement of a rarer one more often even if you only claim once. Cool, right?

Wait, that’s a new, rarer piece? Oh, man, how are completionists supposed to live? Well, this brings us to the fourth update. Now, pieces with Chases or Adamentums will have their stock release in waves. If you get a version one wave and claim a piece in the next wave, you are guaranteed to get a different version (or not get anything if I’m out of versions you don’t have already, but that’s a different story). In layman’s terms- you’ll still get a chance to collect all of the versions, but instead of pure luck you’ll also get a benefit from being quick to claim- and, fixing one complaint I get a lot of, there won’t be duplicates anymore! For Chases, there will still be the standard first wave and then whatever stock I have left over release, but Adamentums will have a third of their stock released at once, so collectors can claim three times to potentially get all three versions. I don’t expect many people to get all three versions, though, so this also will leave completionists with more gaps in their collection. I know that feels bad, but nobody has a complete collection anymore, so hopefully this helps you guys relax a little.

The most exciting announcement, I think, is that I may have found a stopgap measure that will allow collectors to trade. It’s not a good substitute for a website system (if anyone with good coding chops would like to help with that, let me know), you’ll have to be in the Amiibart Official server, and it’ll take an enormous amount of effort on my part, but it may be doable.

Lastly, Amiibart has made partner with the major Arena tournament server SUAL, as well as Gateway, the server that links to other major amiibo servers. This means more exclusives- and less commons, which is something you guys seemed to want.

Without further ado, right to the new pieces! Not everything has a set release date, official name, and/or sample image, though, so join the Amiibart Official server to make sure you don’t miss out! If it doesn’t have a sample image, that is 100% to hype it up and means it’s something really special, so don’t worry- at the least, I have the base image made, if not the entire Amiibart.

Starting with Puff of Color, LE 4 SUAL Exclusive “Angry Impish Purple” should be available sometime tonight. No guarantees on when, though.

“WEAR YOUR MASK!”, a LE 5 Amiibart Official exclusive, should be released tomorrow.

The LE 4 Splicecord exclusive “The grass is happier on the other side”, pictured below, doesn’t have a set release date yet.

Next up, Amiibart Portraits. None of them have set release dates yet, so sorry about that.

First, congratulations to TrueTitan for producing a fanmade piece that was made into a portrait! I don’t have an official name for it yet, but the LE 6 USAC exclusive ‘Skydiving Incineroar’ will be released… tentatively 11/21/2020. It’ll have a small amount of stock released in Amiibart Official by his request, so that should be interesting.

Furywings is getting another exclusive featuring Lemmy, LE 4. More details to come. Amiibots is getting a Portrait rendition of the “Moon Rover” piece that really got Amiibart off the ground, also LE 4.

Lastly, SUAL is getting a LE 5 2-pack featuring the Portrait below, along with a black and white rendition. If anyone remembers the failed release of “Psychology”, along with the promise that it’d rerelease, this is it.

Now, the actual Amiibart. First off, the commons. The top one was based on an image submitted by Mono, and will be LE 7. It will have three other variants, including a shared exclusive for Amiibart Winter Con, and an Amiibart Official exclusive “Dark” version (LE 6) with an LE 4 Chase. All release dates TBA. For the record, Mono did not have a non-copyrighted symbol he wished to use, so his will not be marked as community-sourced.

The bottom one is LE 8, with a LE 4 “Shadow” Chase. Release dates TBA.

Now, onto the multitude of exclusives.

The top one, “THUNDERBOLT” is a LE 6 USAC Exclusive that should be available tonight, 11/20/2020. The bottom one is LE 9, SUAL Exclusive, and has a LE 6 Brushstroke Chase along with a LE 3 Adamentum. Release day should be Sunday, 11/22/2020, but that could change- I’m busy and making 18 pieces takes a long time.

In the next set, the top one is an LE 4 Gateway exclusive. The middle is LE 4, Super Smash Gals exclusive, and the bottom one is LE 6 and SUAL exclusive. All release dates TBA.

For this final sample image, ‘Cloud Dragon’ (working name, not official) will be a LE 6 Amiibart Official exclusive, release date TBA. I personally think it could be the best piece in the wave.

Now, a few that have potential release dates lined up for this weekend but won’t have sample images revealed:

‘Palutena with staff’ is LE 5, Amiibots exclusive, and scheduled for release 11/21/2020, ‘Space Kirby’ is LE 7, SUAL exclusive, scheduled for release 11/21/2020, ‘Inkling Turf War’ is LE 5, Amiibart Official exclusive, release 11/22/2020, and… that’s it for release dates.

All release dates can change according to my schedule.

For those without release dates or sample images, ‘Feathers’ is LE 5 USAC exclusive, while ‘Dr Pepper redeux’ is LE 5 Splicecord exclusive.

That’s all, guys. Enjoy the collecting.



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