Patch 18.4.2- Impact

First things first- thanks for all of the support. Our Hearthstone and Hearthstone Battlegrounds articles are single handedly responsible for about two percent of the site’s views, which is a lot, considering how long it’s been since they went up. I’ve also had an article put up on Hearthstone Top Decks, so thanks to anybody who checked it out.

There’s been a bit of a shift in the meta since patch 18.4.2 came out, and I’ve been playing that meta (around 4.5K MMR on one account, 5.5K on the other, so nothing too crazy) a lot since that patch. Here’s an analysis.

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Wild Secret Mage Guide


Secret Mage has been a strong, much hated part of the Wild meta for a good few expansions now. The combination of strong Secrets from the past and a few new tools, most notably Cloud Prince and Aluneth, allow a deck that can rely heavily on burn- but also survive the aggressive meat grinder that is the Wild meta via board control, and draw enough to pull it all off. Despite no longer being a Tier 1 deck, Secret Mage is still very strong and more than capable of posting a good winrate, with the opponent often getting burnt to 0 by Turn 6-7.

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Amiibart Test Wave 2 Announcement!

Amiibart Test Wave 2 is upon us! Since this may be the final wave, I’ve made sure to make it an amazing one, with 10 pieces of standard Amiibart and 9 Art Series pieces, for a total of 19 amazing pieces of Amiibart, spanning from early to mid October 2020!

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Spike’s Trainer Talks- King Of Wario, Fammydamammy

By Spike, Regular Contributor

Welcome to Spike’s Chalk Talks: Talks With Trainers One! Today, we’ll be talking with a beloved trainer, who goes by the name “Fammydamammy”, henceforth known as Fammy. You know him, the man with the dedication to perfect Wario.

Disclaimer: Participants acknowledge that they have not and will not be monetarily compensated for their interview. They also acknowledge that they have chosen to participate and may back out at any time prior to their interview’s publishing. The following has been constructed from an interview taken with the interviewee in advance. Information contained herein may have been rendered obsolete at time of or after publishing. Participants are directly quoted apart from spelling or punctuation errors or instances of conversation about inappropriate topics, including politics, religion, or personal life.

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What of the Tribeless?

 By Spike, Regular Contributor

 One of the most interesting groups of minions in Hearthstone Battlegrounds is what I like to call “Neutral comp enablers”. These are Tribeless minions (henceforth reffered to as Neutral) like Soul Juggler, Baron Rivendare, or Lightfang Enforcer that are either the payoff to build the comp or provide a very strong boost to it. What makes them so interesting? Well, you’re about to find out.

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