The Beginner’s Guide to Training Lucina amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by MiDe, Guest Contributor

I started competitive amiibo back in Smash 4, but have found a lot of success in Smash Ultimate. I have multiple wins across a variety of characters and formats. For Lucina, I have multiple tourney wins and have pioneered The Musket Method.

The Musket Method is a general training method that was born from my Lucina, Musket.

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AI Issues

Fortunately, Lucina has very few character-specific AI flaws. The most notable one being the inability to teach her which direction to use Dancing Blade in. The AI just picks whatever direction it feels is correct given the situation, which usually ends up being the “correct” option. Another issue is how inconsistent Lucina is with Down Air. Like the Pits, Lucina often misses the sweet spot of Down Air and sends enemies back up in the air. Because of this, it is recommended to use Forward Air and Back air when edgeguarding instead. Everything else is straight forward, thanks to the relative simplicity in the character’s design.

Overall Playstyle

Two Moves.

~ Forward Smash
~ Down Tilt.

This is what your Lucina should be doing 99% of the time when onstage.
No jumping, no running, just using these moves.

Beyond that, Lucina should also edgeguard with Forward Air, and/or Back Air.
Be careful not to edgeguard too much though, as Lucina has a mediocre recovery and is very susceptible to footstools. Realistically she should be trained so that she edge guards half the time and attempts to ledge trap the other half.

Now you might ask, what should I teach my Lucina to do when an amiibo tries to land on her? You have two options for dealing with this, either just rely on the upper hitbox of Forward Smash to deal with it, or mix in Up Smash. Lucina’s Up Smash is a high-risk mediocre-reward option, so I usually try to avoid it when possible but it does have its niche. Whether to parry/shield is up to you, either way can work.

This playstyle results in an incredibly consistent amiibo that can go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters in the metagame.

How To Train / Training Methods

There are only two difficult parts in training a Lucina using this method.

First, it is difficult to find the right balance between Forward Smash and Down Tilt.

Forward Smash to Down tilt should be used in a 7:3 ratio, as you need Down Tilt to remove staling, but you don’t want her to use Down Tilt when she could have killed with Forward Smash.

The next difficult part is finding the right balance between going offstage and staying onstage to ledge guard.

I have no advice for achieving this matter except for when you do go offstage, generally stay close to the ledge.
Beyond those difficulties, everything else is as straight forward as you would assume from reading the playstyle description. Don’t forget to only walk and never run!

Why It Works

The reason I explicitly tell you to never run is because amiibo often just run into attacks (unless they are going for a grab or dash attack).

Instead of running up to an amiibo then stopping then using an attack, it makes more sense to walk then attack.
The reason why Lucina heavily relies on Forward Smash is because it comes out on Frame 10. Lucina has the fastest Forward Smash in the game (tied with Marth, Dark Samus, and Samus).

With a strong attack that fast, Lucina can often win neutral through Forward Smash alone. Down Tilt is literally only used to stop Forward Smash from staling too much.

Musket Method might seem odd if you have never seen it in action, but I can assure you it is one of the most devastating things in the amiibo metagame when executed well.


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