The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Olimar amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Big List of Amiibo Training Guides

by MiDe, Guest Contributor

I started amiibo back in Smash 4, but found a lot of success early on in Ultimate. I have multiple wins across a variety of characters and formats. As far as Olimar goes, I have gotten multiple top 8s with the character, a tourney win, and a >70% win rate in amiibots with one.

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AI Issues

Olimar does not understand the differences between the Pikmin. Meaning he doesn’t change what moves he uses based on which Pikmin he has out. This can be a detriment when Olimar spaces a smash attack at a ‘normal’ length, only to have a purple Pikmin come out at half the distance. This also means Olimar practically never up throws, even though he might have grabbed an enemy with a blue Pikmin at kill percent. ANOTHER side effect of this is Olimar tries to throw out attacks in cases where Pikmin aren’t ready, although this is a rare occurrence because Olimar does his best to always maintain 3 Pikmin. Unfortunately this need also has a downside as he may choose to pluck Pikmin in bad situations. The most notable of which is when getting off the ledge, making him the easiest character to ledge trap in the game. The only other issues with Olimar’s AI is random on usage of up B onstage, and a likelihood to spam Up tilt and Neutral air. It is very important to avoid these two moves at all costs.

Overall playstyle section

For the most part, Olimar should stay mostly grounded and focus on using one of Forward smash/Up smash/Grab. These three options should be used fairly evenly but you should slightly favor Grab more. Olimar has great combo potential off of both grab and Up smash.

At low to mid percents, Down throw into Forward air works, while at higher percents opponents should be thrown offstage. Out of Up smash Olimar gets at least one Up air with potential for more. Up air is great for sharking and can actually kill fairly early if Olimar is lucky enough to hit with a purple Pikmin.

Olimar has two options for edgeguarding. He can either go offstage and gimp using Forward/Back/Down air, or stay onstage and attempt to ledge trap using Grab/Up smash/Forward smash. In my opinion, a 70:30 ledge trapping to edge guarding ratio works best, but either way works.

How to train Olimar

The most important tip is to try to always have three Pikmin. If your Pikmin die or get lost when recovering, make sure to get back to three as soon as you make it back to the stage. As long as you use the moves talked about in the playstyle section, how you train exactly doesn’t matter that much. But because I can, I will say exactly what I did.

My settings for training are first to five wins, 5-minute time matches, and Omega stages only. For the first two matches, I focused heavily on Forward smash, Up smash, and his Grab combos. In the next two matches, I started to use Up air after landing an Up smash and started to edgeguard as well. In game five I did my best emulate what I want my amiibo to play like. As a general tip, I don’t recommend training this type of Olimar past level 40, as you might accidentally cause your amiibo to grab spam or not attack at all.

Why it Works

This type of training style works because all the moves talked about here are generally insane in amiibo. Olimar’s grab is practically unbeatable; if he knew to Up throw with blue Pikmin Olimar would be Incineroar level. Olimar’s Forward smash is basically unpunishable, as it only loses to amiibo with reflectors. Olimar’s Up smash both combo’s into other moves and kills fairly early. Olimar’s aerials are all relatively strong and usually end up leading to early kills. If Olimar was a heavier character or had a slightly better AI, he would easily be an S tier amiibo.


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