The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Chrom amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by forenmagra, Guest Contributor

Welcome to Amiibo Doctor! In addition to training this amiibo, we also have the most cutting-edge guides for nearly every amiibo in the competitive amiibo scene’s many Discord servers. You should also reference our Raid Boss amiibo guides, and if you’re having trouble winning in competitive amiibo, check the official amiibo tier list! Happy training!

In terms of credibility, I have one reason I’m here: My most recent training of Rory. Rory has been an incredible representative for Chrom in the last month and a half since I trained him, taking two wins and making multiple top 8. Rory has an 80% win percentage after over 50 matches on amiibots, and just generally tends to pull of impressive feats, like his first win where he beat a K. Rool. A good portion of my name rides on performances by Rory.

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AI Issues

Chrom AI has the same issue nearly all amiibo with counters have, which is that they are terrible at using said counters. Other than that, Chrom’s AI is fairly solid, though I will note that you have no control over how Chrom uses his Side B.

Overall Playstyle

Chrom is a fairly grounded character. He has strong aerials, specially his Up air when it comes to juggling, but his recovery is so easily gimpable he shouldn’t be spending extra time offstage, or really in the air, as getting beat in the air can spell disaster for Chrom. While offstage can have success, I find it generally hurts more than it helps. A nearly musket Chrom with Side B over Down Tilt, and a couple other options addressed in a moment is the ultimate goal for Chrom.

How to Train the Chrom amiibo in Smash Ultimate

When training Chrom, I recommend mainly focusing on Forward Smash, as it is his best move. Walk up, Forward Smash, repeat. You need do nothing at the ledge, as his offstage is fairly bad, and no matter what you do on the ledge, he usually chooses Neutral Special. If you want to have a slight influence on ledgeguarding though, Down Tilt is likely the best option, but Down Smash has its merits as well, but has a lot of lag and can leave Chrom open.
After Forward Smash, Side Special should be used in some fashion so that Chrom:

A. doesn’t stale out his valuable Forward Smash and

B. because it brings new options. As a player training Chrom, you can use it to reach him when Forward Smash wouldn’t.

Finally, opponents very close to you should be hit with Up Smash. Up Smash is a powerful move in damage and with respectable kill power – this move is good. But NEVER, EVER miss with it. You don’t want Chrom using this move if he can’t hit with it, so I find the best strategy is to only use this move when you are positive he won’t miss with it. Drop out of the game if you do miss with it.

Use Up Tilt (or potentially Up Smash if you are CERTAIN you won’t miss with it) to hit opponents above Chrom, and when high enough, juggling with Up Air is also phenomenal. Just don’t double jump when juggling. You don’t want Chrom getting too jumpy.

I don’t recommend parrying with Chrom, because you want him to be very aggressive. Hope he picks a small amount of it up on his own.

Finally, another move you should use frequently, but NEVER miss with: Up Special. Up Special is by far Chrom’s most damaging move. Teaching him to use it on stage will increase his damage output and ability to kill. You still need to drop the game if you miss with it onstage though, so only use it when you are certain of it making contact. I will warn you he likely won’t spam Up Special on stage. Just make sure he is using it now and then.

Why It Works

This method works because it gives Chrom the most killing power, while giving him options in all scenarios.

Forward Smash is the central focus due to its amazing damage and killing power. Side Special is significant damage, and if he uses the Down-angled fourth attack, he can deal with parries and shields, as most amiibo don’t seem to handle that portion well when shielding, and the multi-hit on the Down-angled fourth attack also handles parries.

Up Tilt and Up Air give Chrom very fast options for airborne opponents that easily rack up damage, and Up Smash and Up Special are powerful specialty damaging options that help prevent staling, and rack up significant damage with decent kill power. By not going offstage, and due to the seemingly good anticipatory power Chrom has, he is hard to get offstage, which makes him hard to gimp and hard to kill, and the high launch power of Forward Smash does the rest.


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