Top 3 Controllers to Buy for Amiibo Training

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Needs More Controllers

Occasionally, I’ll get asked a question about something in amiibo training that isn’t easy to do. Say, for example, someone’s asking me how to teach their Terry amiibo how to use Go! moves. I would tell them that you need to use them yourself so that they’d pick it up. Then they’d tell me they can’t – their controller’s analog stick is wearing out and doesn’t work that well anymore, and their Joy-Cons are drifting as well. That’s a problem for amiibo trainers.

These are the 3 best controllers that I recommend for amiibo trainers who are looking to get a good value out of their budget. Every product link is an Amazon Affiliates link, so you’re supporting Amiibo Doctor by checking out the listings below.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This one is expensive, I’ll admit. However, there’s an almost-identical product listed here that is significantly cheaper, and is functionally identical save for not scanning amiibo. I have a hunch Skimola (the manufacturer) reverse-engineered the official Nintendo product, took out amiibo functionality, and managed to make the identical product for about half the cost.

2. Official Gamecube Controller

There’s a lot of third-party Gamecube controllers on the market, and they handle decently well… unless you’re playing Smash, where you need precision. I’d recommend getting an official Gamecube controller from Nintendo. You’ll really only need one in your life: they tend to last forever unless you throw them.

Be advised that the only official Gamecube controllers are ones that say “Nintendo” above the Start button, or have the Smash logo.

2.5 Unofficial Gamecube Controller

You’re out of luck. I’ve asked around with every Melee and Ultimate player I know, and there’s really no good third-party controllers. I wish I could recommend one from personal experience, but… you’re screwed.


Hear me out. Don’t ignore these controllers just yet.

I’ve used these before, and they’re actually decent. Granted, they feel like a very light version of an Xbox 360 controller, which takes some getting used to. The face of the analog sticks are also just a bit large, but I found that’s actually a good thing in amiibo training – you want to be more precise in your movements, so it benefits you.

Most importantly, these controllers are cheap. I found that my local Gamestop sells them for half-price every Black Friday, so I was able to get them for $10 each. That’s pretty great for a controller that isn’t half bad.


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