The Beginner’s Guide to Training the R.O.B. amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by RAPJM, Guest Contributor

Howdy, my name is RAPJM and today I’m gonna explain how to train the R.O.B. amiibo. I’ve had consistently good results in both spirits and vanilla. I’m even a R.O.B. informer in the USAC discord server. I was also the first person to realize (along with DaBuffalo) the AI patch to R.O.B. in the 11.0.1 update. I’ll explain that later on.

Before we begin I’d recommend mirror matching per the general amiibo guide. Add spirits now because if you do this later, it’ll mess with the amiibo AI. I recommend an even 2100/2100 attack and defense with Physical Attack Up, Hyper Smash Attacks, and Toss and Meteor. On this rule set of 5 minutes time battle on random Omega, Spirits off, Final Smash off,  first to 5 wins.

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A.I. Issues

ROB is an interesting amiibo with several AI flaws.

ROB has no idea how much charge his Up special has, so this can lead him to SD.  On a rare occasion he won’t recover at all. Down tilt would be a very good move for ROB but the thing is that he’ll freeze after 2 or 4 down tilts for a couple of seconds after the move is used, even though in the 11.0.1 update they sort of fixed it. He now freezes less consistently and not as long. In this update they made his Up tilt (his worst move) make him freeze.

ROB’s Down throw is also bugged, he’ll punish with other moves such as Down smash, leaving the opponent to be able to get out and leaving ROB to miss a kill. With ROBs’ side special, he doesn’t mash it. He’ll also use the move even if it would only hit one time and if the opponent shields, ROB will most likely get punished.

Overall Playstyle

ROB is mostly grounded and slow walk. His main moves he uses are Forward tilt and Forward smash. He also uses grabs to start combos like Up throw to Side Special at low percents or Down throw to Up smash at high percents. Side Special should be used but not as often as Forward tilt and Forward smash. ROB can use Down Tilt and Dash attack occasionally, but don’t overuse it.

He should also Up smash and Up air as an anti-air as well as landing with Neutral air. ROB does extremely well when the opponent is off stage and should use Neutral b, Gyro, Down tilt, Down smash if opponent goes high, and Side B to catch neutral get up and rolls.

How to Train the R.O.B. amiibo

Forward tilt and Forward smash should be prioritized in neutral. It should be used at a 55 to 45 ratio.  

Forward tilt is a good get off me tool and f smash is a good kill move.

Throw in grabs, do Up throw – Side Special at 0-15 and Down throw – Up smash or Down throw – up air, he does have a problem that he Down throws and punishes with Down smash. He also can do Up throw Side Special when it doesn’t connect.

Up smash to catch landings, it’s a good kill move but shouldn’t be used in neutral. 

Juggle with Up air, if he starts landing with Up air, stop or slow down

Land with Neutral air but don’t use it too much because it’s easy to spam. If he starts jumping and using this nair too much  either reset the amiibo or stop nairing and pray.

Sprinkle side b but don’t mash it because he doesn’t know how to. It’s optional but it’s only good if he doesn’t spam it. DO NOT DO IT IN THE AIR. The 11.0.1 update, they made it so ROB side b more often in the air which is bad. He rarely connects it and he gets punished.

Dash attack a couple of times because it can lead to Forward air and can rack up damage so I recommend Dash attack to Forward air.

Back air is a strong move but can lead to him being punished so no more than 4 times in total and space them out during training, do one or two offstage to recover.

Stand at ledge and laser but if he does it in neutral then stop, a tiny bit of Down tilt, Side B to catch rolls and Neutral get ups.

Parry is good for ROB. Make sure to Down smash and Forward smash out of it. Don’t parry too much or he’ll get too defensive which is bad.

I don’t recommend having learning on past level 32. When you’re done, turn learning off and put him against a level 9 CPU until lvl 50. 

Why It Works

This works because Forward tilt is a good get off me tool while Forward smash is a kill move. Grabs are useful because it’s a damage racker and a good kill move. This also helps him against parry spam amiibo. Side Special is a kill move and a multi hit which amiibo have a hard time dealing with. Back air is a strong move but can easily be punished. Down tilt and dash attack are good combo starter. At ledge is probably where he does best by snipping with Down b and Neutral Special. As well as catching high recovery with Down smash and up smash. Side special catches Neutral get up and rolls. Lastly his Down tilt two-frames which can help him when facing a character like Little Mac.



  1. I want to add something to this if you dont mind.
    R.O.B has 4 different built in options out of down throw. Up smash, down smash, N-air, and Up air.
    R.O.B also knows how to and will follow up down tilt with another down tilt no matter what.
    R.O.B’s F-smash has a hilt.
    R.O.B has Up throw into F-tilt built in combo.
    R.O.B just like mii gunner will try and use up air when the oponent is below him if you arent careful.


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