The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Hero Amiibo in Smash Ultimate


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Howdy, I’m RAPJM and today I will teach you how to train the Hero amiibo. I’ve gotten top 5 Hero on Amiibots and some notable tournament results. 

AI Issues

Hero only has 2 main AI flaws:

  1. Hero can’t tell how much MP he has. Sometimes he will use specials even if he doesn’t have any MP to use, resulting in a wasted attack.
  2. He has Up Special out of Parry which can get him punished or even cause him to SD.

Overall Playstyle

Hero should use some uncharged Side Special (Zap), second charge of Side Special (Zapple) at a distance, and the occasional fully charged Side Special (Kazap). Aside from Side Special, Hero shouldn’t be taught to use any special moves as attacks.

Up close, Hero should use Forward Tilt or Jab, Forward Smash, and Down Smash as KO options. For anti-air, Up Tilt and Forward Smash are your best options. Your Hero amiibo should land with Neutral Air and Forward Air.

For reference to Hero’s specific sub-special moves, please see SSBWiki’s Hero page.

How to Train the Hero Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Moves To Use

Side Special is your main move at a distance. Make sure to use uncharged Side Special (Zap) up close, and the second charge (Zapple) at a far distance. Only use fully charged (Kazap) once or twice during training since it takes a lot of MP, and we don’t want to risk the amiibo trying special moves that it doesn’t have MP for.

Down Smash is strong, fast, hits both sides, and is one of the moves that can get critical hits. 

Forward Smash is good, but it’s slow and it’s easier to get punished if the opponent is really defensive. Also, it is a surprisingly good anti air. Use it less than Down Smash. 

At point blank, use Jab or Forward Tilt. Both are good moves, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. Jab is really fast and has 3 hits. Jab’s only downside is that it doesn’t have much kill power. Forward Tilt kills and has two hits but is kind of slow. 

Grab is also good because Hero can combo off of it, for example, Down Throw > Forward Air.

Use Up Tilt and Forward Smash as your main anti air options. Up Tilt is fast and kills at higher percentages. 

Hero should land with Neutral Air and Forward Air. Neutral Air allows Hero to combo and Forward Air is a reliable kill option.


Down Tilt combos into Forward Air and Down Special. Sometimes, the Hero amiibo will string Down Tilt > Kamikaze which can cause him to lose a stock but look cool doing it.

Why It Works

Hero has an effective arsenal that can quickly rack up damage and reliably secure stocks. Side Special helps zone out the opponent and is one of Hero’s reliable kill options. Down Smash and Forward Smash are kill moves that deal critical hits. Jab and Forward Tilt are multi hits that are good get-off-me tools. Grab is good to get the opponent offstage or just to rack up damage. Landing Forward Air kills, and Neutral Air combos.


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