The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Pac-Man amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Bluerunner

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My name is Bluerunner, and I’ve been researching the Pac-Man amiibo for a long time. I’ve collaborated with a lot of great Pac-Man trainers, and these are my thoughts on what makes a great Pac-Man amiibo.

Pac-Man amiibo using his cherry.

AI Issues

Pac-Man has a fairly solid AI, with only one main problem and a couple of small issues. Specifically…


This is Pac-man’s major issue because charging keeps him from being aggressive, and then he’ll roll way too much. That’s not what we want in a Pac-Man.

Also, if you charge up close (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway) your Amiibo will fall into a strategy of standing right in front of the other Amiibo and charging. This is the equivalent to standing in front of your opponent and asking them to punch you in the face hard as possible. The opponent almost always hits Pac-Man with a Smash attack. And definitely don’t charge it in the air. That’s just asking for trouble.

You also want to only use the trampoline recovery from directly under ledge or it could lead to your amiibo getting gimped way more often.

Examples of this include:

  • Pac-man missing the trampoline and dying
  • The other amiibo jumping on it and then PAC-Man getting confused, missing and dying
  • The PAC-man amiibo underestimating the distance he can go and not being able to get back to the trampoline. And dying.
Pac-Man amiibo using Smash attacks.

Overall Playstyle 

You want the Pac-man Amiibo to stay primarily grounded, and only venture airborne infrequently. (Check out Doc’s video on the Ladder Method for a useful Pac-Man method). You also want him to only walk to make sure he doesn’t dash attack. Walking comes with the added benefit of using tilts more fluidly.

You want Pac-Man to focus on these moves:

  • Forward Tilt (everywhere)
  • Forward Smash (KO option)
  • Down Smash (Ledgetrapping)
  • Neutral Special (Don’t charge, but use it everywhere)
  • Hydrant (Use frequency is built-in)
  • Forward Air (When landing, occasionally jump to use it)
  • Back Air (When landing)
  • Down Tilt (Ledgetrapping)
  • Forward/Down Throw (Against shield)

Never have the Pac-Man amiibo go offstage for any reason. If you see him going offstage of his own accord, don’t worry – sometimes it’s built-in for him to go offstage. But you shouldn’t do it yourself.

Make sure the Pac-Man can parry (by, y’know, parrying things yourself) but don’t spam it and keep it to only occasional use. Parrying has diminishing returns, unlike other amiibo.

You also want to keep the Smash attack use to a minimum because of the long lasting hit boxes it leaves out. Pac-Man’s generally pretty slow, and Smash attacks are even slower. If you were to decide to spam Smash attacks, amiibo that parry would be a hard counter to your Pac-man due to how easily the smash attacks can be parried. Pac-Man gets eaten alive (pun intended) when the opponent shields things.

The Fruit

The fruit is what makes the Pac-Man Amiibo so unique and interesting. When you use fruit you want to instantly throw it. We’re talking a Frame 1-type move.

This results in Cherry spam, which you should do at long distances and for ledgetrapping. Although you are only using Cherry it is built-in for Pac-man to use two of the other fruits: the Strawberry and the Orange. The Pac-man amiibo will occasionally charge a bit, and no matter what you do to stop this behavior, you just can’t. Fortunately, he will never go as far to pass orange when you’re consistent with your Frame 1 throws in training.

It is built-in for the amiibo to primarily spam Cherry, Strawberry and Orange. Your Pac-Man will want to throw out Cherry at the ledge, but he only seems to do this 2 or 3 times before either going offstage (built-in) or going for another one of the ledge trapping options you taught him. 

Built-in Combos and Strings

The Pac-Man miibo is dry when it comes to combos or strings. The ones he does have are really unhlepful, because they use moves you don’t want to use like Neutral Air, Up Air, and so on.

Pac-Man amiibo using taunts.

How to Train the Pac-man Amiibo 

Now what you’ve all been waiting for.

Levels 1-15 

You want to primarily only use Forward Tilt and Cherry spam in this stage. Do not jump, do not shield. None of that. This implements a strong grounded behavior in the beginning and starts getting him used to his main moves these two being such.

Levels 16-25

At these levels you are going to want to start incorporating the occasional parry, with infrequent jumps and Forward Air. Sprinkle in Forward Smash. At the ledge, when the Pac-Man is recovering, you want to spam fruit until the amiibo gets close to the ledge. Once they are close either go for Down Tilt, downward-angled forward tilt, or down smash since these can all 2 frame. At this level you will also want to incorporate using back air when landing after getting hit as well as forward air.

Levels 26-35 

For the most part you want to do the same thing as the levels listed above, but now you want to incorporate throws after a missed move. You are going to want to Down throw or Forward throw the opponent because this sends the opposing amiibo away from Pac-Man allowing him to fruit spam and space again. You want to increase your parry spam slightly and use Forward smash if you see your amiibo struggling to kill. If you haven’t been doing so, remember to use Up Special directly under the ledge to have less chance of being cheesed.

Levels 35-50

Normally before level 40 your Pac-Man would be finished being trained, but if you see some issues, resolve them by either using more smash attacks for kill power, build more damage with fruit and Forward Tilt or get hit less with more parries. Once you feel your Pac-man is ready, do one more match but be careful to only parry, walk and turn around, unless you want your Pac-man to be aggressive. 

Why it Works

The Pac-Man amiibo works this way because he can dish out a bunch of damage with his fruits while staying safe and away from the opponent.

After they reach about 80% and more Pac-man can kill with his smash attacks. The Pac-Man Amiibo is an astonishing Amiibo I would love to see more of in tourneys. Hope this helps and peace out y’all!



  1. Thank you Bluerunner for your excellent guide ! Got outstanding results on first try ^^ my brand new Pac spams fruits perfectly, grabs flawlessy like tomorrow doesn’t exist, has an incredible parry rate, lands cruel smash hits as finish moves, and is the funniest taunter I ever knew 😀
    Thank you so much !!


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