How to Train the Robin amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Simply Robin, Guest Contributor

I’ve been labbing Robin since i joined the community, they were my first amiibo and I was passionate enough to want to test every single option possible, So almost a year later, here I am sharing everything I’ve gathered.
I’ve tested every move possible, discovering new AI bugs and new built-in combos. I compiled notes of all the moves so I’ll proceed to explain each move and each strategy which I have found most effective. All of what I’m saying is true at the time im saying it (December 2020).

AI Issues

Robin has a really delicate AI, this is due to the nature of the discarded tomes and Levin sword and Nintendo’s sheer laziness. On this topic I’d like to first talk about hitboxes. Due to how Robin has 2 hitboxes for most moves, they presume they always have Levin- leading to aerials and smash attacks sometimes missing altogether. This means sometimes without Levin, Robin can lose HUGE leads.

Robin will roll a lot, it’s inevitible due to how Thunder is built in. They WILL use Thunder and due to how amiibo roll out of charged moves…. it increases the roll value for Robin. I’d try to roll as little as possible if you want your Robin to be even slightly aggressive. This only applies to grounded Robins.

Now, Robin for some ungodly reason will occasionally… stand still and charge Thunder. This cant be stopped and is completely random but they will sometimes try to charge Thunder completely oblivious to the opponent. This usually leads to losing a stock or eating a huge smash attack. This can only be avoided by having a jumpy Robin, but that’s another issue for later.

There are a lot of move-dependent AI bugs too but I’ll get to those when I start to explain the different applications of each move and how they work in terms of the AI.


Downtilt: Downtilt is a solid quick move which Robin can follow up from with an arc fire or a dash attack. Can be used occasionally on grounded playstyles.

Forwardtilt: Forward tilt is a fast get off me tool which can only be punished by parrying. This move is KEY for grounded playstyles as it helps stall to get Levin back.

Uptilt: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This move is horrible. If Robin uses this moves consecutively they will freeze, and stand still only able to uptilt for a solid 10 seconds.
This is long enough for the opponent to wack you with a big smash attack. The only use is uptilt to up air which isn’t consistent enough. Just use up air or upsmash.

Downsmash: A multihit which kills and has huge range, is needed for grounded play and is one of Robins best tools for racking up damage, this move can only be stopped
when you parry the very first hit. This move is safe on shield as it pushes the opponent back as well, on top of this it is best used at ledge to two frame. However, without
levin this move becomes bad. Robin presumes it still has the huge wave hitbox and spaces it to hit that usually missing, combine this move with lots of tilts and aerials.

Forwardsmash: Forward smash is an easy to parry move but kills early, definetly a good move to use occasionally but sadly not a spammable move.

Upsmash: A really good juggling tool when combined with up air, this has lots of active frames and can be used to follow up from arc fire.

Downair: Downair can be used to land but do not use it to spike, Robin is really easy to ledge guard and will most likely get spiked or gimped. Make sure your Robin stays
nice and safe at the ledge.

Forwardair: Robins most consistent aerial as it’s the easiest to hit and has the best kill power. Best used sparingly if you’re going grounded and a lot if you’re going aerial.

UpAir: Easily Robins best aerial. It can rack up 60% just from juggling and when combined with upsmash can lead to 0 to deaths or fast stocks like it’s nothing. Teach your
Robin to juggle.

BackAir: Don’t use this a lot, it has a sour spot which amiibo dont recognise and usually hit a lot. However this is their strongest aerial as it kills the earliest.

Neutralair: Only really good to land onto platforms or onto the ground due to the large disjoints. The amiibo wont use this a lot anyway best not to think about this move.

Neutral Special: This move is built in. Do not use this unless you want your Robin to spam it or to train them to use a specific charge. With that aside recently Robin has
been able to be trained to use thoron or uncharged thunder. El thunder and Arc thunder can not be trained but thats fine. Robin has thunder to dash attack built in as well
as forward throw to thoron at ledge (Which can kill at 20%) this is once of their best tools.

Side Special: If spammed too much Robin will refuse to follow up from it, use this move sparingly and never use it in the air as Robin will USUALLY miss. Robin can folllow up
from arc fire with basically anything, I go with fair or up air to get Robin to juggle.

Down Special: Never use in the air or b reverse this move. Robin thinks the move has more active frames than it does and will miss it. When grounded Robin will 9/10 hit this move
when it’s used.

Up Special: No utility onstage. Offstage can get lucky and get a spike when recovering.

How to Train Robin amiibo

Grounded Sword: This Robin only jumps to follow up from arcfire with a fair or up air. Tends to use a lot of Downsmash, Forward tilt and Forward smash. Will sometimes use Thunder because it’s built
into Robin. Never go offstage and try to 2 frame at ledge with Downsmash. Nosferatu with this playstyle is optional.

Grounded Magic: Only jumps to follow up from arcfire also but this Robin spams uncharged Thunder a moderate amount. This works as Robin will do Thunder Dash attack a lot to rack up %. Cmbine this with downsmash and arc fire to net kills and the opposing Amiibo willl struggle to get in on Robin. Work in some down B to make Robin harder to kill but not needed.

Aerial Robin: Will rarely use Magic apart from the built in thunder. Opts to use Robins strong aerials to juggle and net up damage for easy kills with bair and fair. Smash attacks
aren’t needed for this playstyle as Robins aerials kill easily. However, try to not Jump too much as Robin likes to empty hop a lot when taught to jump too much.

AI Breaker Robin: I created this playstyle myself. This Robin spams arcfire and will only follow up with downsmash or upsmash from it. This Robin focuses on Juggling and arcfire to
gain % and get kills. This is referred as AI Breaker Robin as when arc fire touches the ground the opponent frantically holds shield or rolls back letting Robin easily get away with it.
This Robin can use a lot of downsmash to also kill due to the Arc fire not being consistent enough for follow ups.

Why It Works

Robin dosen’t have a distinct Meta and all of these playstyles are Viable. Robin has a lot of kill power with his smashes and aerials and versitility with their specials. At the moment
what’s working for me is grounded sword due to downsmashes big range and the fact it’s a multihit that kills. I also use ftilt as a get off me tool this lets Robin recharge their tomes
and Levin sword over time without being beaten down because of bronze swords poor range. Overall Robin has some consistency issues which you have to work hard to correct but the pay off
for putting time into this tactician is worth it.

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