The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Ridley amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Mono, Guest Contributor

Hello there! I’m Mono, here’s my guide about how to train a Ridley amiibo. I’ve won a lot of great placements in multiple tournaments with my Ridley, Drageonium, including winning a Major.

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AI Issues

Ridley doesn’t really have that many AI issues, which is why he’s so high in the amiibo tier list. He has a problem with Neutral air, which if you spam too much in training he’ll spam it too- that makes him jumpy, which isn’t great. He also has a problem with Down Special because amiibo don’t know sweet spots. When he uses it he doesn’t hit the tip of it most of the time so I recommend not using this.

Recently, Ridley amiibo have been using Downthrow to Down Special, this however doesnt make Down Special good at all, its just a niche combo that you should expect him to pull off sometimes so you shouldnt be that scared when he does that.

Overall Playstyle

If you are thinking of putting spirits on amiibo, I suggest giving them at level 1. The good spirits on a Ridley are Armor Knight and Trade-off Ability though since most of the time Armor Knight is banned I suggest Physical Attack, Air Defense and Trade-off Ability. For the playstyle, I suggest keeping him grounded until you get to ledge guarding which has more specific methods: Plasma Breath and Offstage. I will be going in depth to in the next section. For Ridley, Parries are great so Shield Flickering is good.

How to Train the Ridley amiibo

There are two ways to train a Ridley but it doesn’t really alter anything aside from edge guarding

  1. Offstage – I like to call this method offstage because its point is to Side Special ( press B and howd your L stick tot he side ), Forward Tilt (Moving the L-Stick to the left or the right while pressing A) and Grab to get your opponent offstage and get kills with moves like forward air ( Jump using Y, X or Tap Jump then hold the L Stick forward while pressing a ) and back air ( Jump with X or Y or Tap Jump then hold the L Button to the opposite direction while pressing A ) when your opponent is offstage, while when grounded using Upsmash (Holding the C /R-Stick Up) or ForwardSmash (Holding the C / R-Stick to the left or the right) to kill. I strongly reccomend this method.
  2. Plasma Breath – The plasma breath method is basically the same as the offstage method which relies on getting your opponent offstage with Side Special, Throws or Forwardtilt but this time instead of going offstage you use plasma breath. This method is only really useful agains characters like Ness or Lucas.

In Neutral, you would want to use Side Special heavily and Forward Tilt too. Forward Tilt will be your main tool in getting your opponents as far away as possible, while Side Special for getting them offstage for edgeguards.

While anti-airing you need to use Up Smash, Up Tilt is not the best option for Anti-Airing. Up Smash hits on platforms, has insane range and does lots of Knockback and great damage too.

Avoid using Down Special, Down Air, Up Special and Neutral air too much .

Unlike Joker or Pichu, Ridley only knows two hit combos, examples are Upthrow to Upair (Jump using Y, X or Tap Jump then hold the L button Up while pressing A), Downtilt (Moving the L-Stick down while pressing A) to ForwardAir or Downthrow to ForwardAir. Aside from that prioritize forward tilt and Side Special as much as possible, and always use Upsmash as Upsmash covers a lot of range and does a lot of damage and can kill quite early sometimes.

Why This Works

So why would these styles work? Well for the Offstage method, it’s a great edge guarding strategy for a lot of character and it wouldn’t be hard for Ridley to recover to the stage again so its a great strategy. The Plasma breath method is one that is honestly really used as counters to Ness or Lucas and a few other characters, but it doesn’t mean its a useless strategy. Anyways that’s about it, thanks for the read.



  1. This guide is too short, and doesn’t actually inform the reader on how one should train the Ridley amiibo, only going into detail on two things a Ridley amiibo can do when its opponent is off ledge. Please, if you would, ask the author of the guide (or someone else for that matter) to revise or rewrite it entirely. I hope Amiibo Doctor guides won’t be going down this path of low quality in the long run, because amiibo is so much more than this. I’m sure much more can be said about training Ridley, having trained one myself. Thank you.


    1. This is a entirety of what the most accomplished Ridley amiibo trainer in the world had to say about how to train him. If you’ve got questions, I can always forward them to him.
      Ridley’s also not that complicated, so there’s just not that much to say.


  2. I’ve trained two Ridley’s. The first one was terrifying, the second I made the mistake of N-airing to much. The first one got corrupted some how and cannot be read anymore or written.


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