The 3 Best Byleth Raid Boss amiibo training options for streamers

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Protagonist

I’ve been doing a lot of Byleth amiibo training lately, as have the rest of the community, and we’re finding out some useful information. A few Raid Bosses have been made already, and it’s been giving us an insight into the most interesting Raid Boss Byleth strategies.

1. The Poker

This Byleth focuses largely on tilts and aerial attacks, specifically Forward air and Forward tilt. Byleth has a very long-ranged aerial set, and it makes it difficult for people to approach her. A human opponent wouldn’t be able to break through the Poker wall very easily without some incredible parrying – which is exactly the reason we want this playstyle. If a streamer is explaining their Byleth amiibo’s strategy beforehand, they can incentivize viewers to try to get into the arena and fight it themselves because there’s a clear and seemingly simple obstacle to beat. This keeps the stream exciting.

2. The Juggler

Byleth has unparalleled juggling ability. Byleth’s Up tilt easily connects into Up air or Up smash, and they all tend to chain into each other. Byleth can easily learn to juggle opponents without much difficulty, which negates a lot of the traditional amiibo-killing strategies. If you’re a streamer, you should know that the best amiibo killers tend to be heavyweights and extreme heavyweights. People who are experienced with fighting amiibo would actually have a harder time beating a juggler amiibo because they’ll be using characters that can usually beat amiibo – the heavies.

3. The Camper-Counterpick expert

Byleth’s Side special is great. It’s really, truly great. It comes out relatively fast, it can put out hitboxes at varying and unpredictable distances, it has a tipper mechanic that the amiibo is fond of, and it deals 28% damage. And it lands it perfectly almost every time.

A Byleth amiibo that can camp out opponents and use Side special when they close makes for a very counterpick-based amiibo. If viewers are smart enough to switch to Mii Gunner and spam missiles, then they have a shot. If they go for Ness, they’re done – Side special outranges PK Fire. If they switch to Incineroar, they’re done – Side special outranges Alolan Whip. If they switch to Captain Falcon to stomp-spam, they’re done – Byleth can jump. This version of a Byleth Raid Boss amiibo tests the knowledge of your viewers.



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