How Do You Use Tagmo on Nintendo Switch? Can I emulate amiibo with my phone?

by Doc, Owner, Founder

This is a commonly-asked question, but it’s asking the wrong question. Tagmo doesn’t actually directly interact with Nintendo Switch. You can’t just hold your phone up to your Nintendo Switch and have it scan as an amiibo.

Instead, you need amiibo chips that Tagmo can write to. These are called NTAG215 chips, and you can learn more about them here. NTAG215 chips are simply blank amiibo chips that need an amiibo “.bin file” to be written to them in order to function.

Amiibo cards are simply pieces of decorated cardstock that have NTAG215 chips inside them that now function as an amiibo – there’s no functional difference between Amiibo cards and regular ol’ NTAG215 chips with files on them.


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