The Amiibo Presence on Reddit

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Big Chungus

I was a Redditor from 2013 to 2017, and a pretty active one at that. I was on Reddit when amiibo was first announced, and saw /r/amiibo go up as it happened. Fortunately, I broke the Reddit addiction before I went to college, and I recommend that everyone quit Reddit as soon as possible.

However, a fan recently opened /r/amiibodoctor, which made me wonder – why isn’t there any real amiibo presence on Reddit? The first thought is, of course, “Doc, what about /r/amiibo? They’re the amiibo subreddit.” And from an outsider’s perspective, that would be a reasonable question.

Except that subreddit’s basically dead. It’s close to 90,000 members, and only 100-200 members are active at any given time. That’s on a good day – I logged in last week in the morning and found 3 members online. So we can shovel some dirt on that subreddit. (Not to mention that my account, /u/amiibodoctor, was pre-banned before I ever stepped foot on the subreddit.)

The second thought, then, is /r/amiibomb – a subreddit dedicated specifically to spoofing amiibo. That subreddit’s definitely alive, and pretty healthy. It’s almost to 30,000 members, and (ironically) has about as many people online as /r/amiibo does. So /r/amiibomb can be considered the closest thing to a fully-fledged not-dead amiibo subreddit. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s close enough.

I guess I’m not really sure why there’s not a subreddit for amiibo in general that isn’t still alive. We can rehash all the reasons that /r/amiibo became one of the most hated subreddits on the internet (just ask Captain Kidd), but that’s not really the point. The point is… go start up a community! Or, better yet, quit Reddit.


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