The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Zero Suit Samus amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by forenmagra, Guest Contributor

Zero Suit Samus is a character I have been labbing for a long time. When I joined the scene, ZSS was among the 4 amiibo I owned, and I wanted her to be as good as she could be. With only 4 amiibo, I didn’t have much choice either. I have trained 17 Zero Suit Samus bins at this point, I have the highest win percentage with ZSS, and have consistently shown that ZSS can do something with Rose Tyler, my amiibo.

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Zero Suit Samus AI Issues

Oh, the AI Issues. ZSS has quite a few AI issues. They pretty much all revolve around her down B. She won’t recover with down B pretty much ever if she is below the stage, even if it would get her close enough to recover. She doesn’t know how to use the kick in the flip except in one very specific combo. If you don’t edgeguard, she will ledgeguard with Down B, which is pretty horrendous considering her recovery. Other than that, her only really big issue is her down aerial, which is a decent option, but very easy for her to get addicted to.

Overall Playstyle

Parrying is crucial to the ZSS style. Beyond that, you are focusing on her fairly high damage, multi-hitting moves in Up tilt, Side B, and Fsmash.

How to Train the Zero Suit Samus amiibo

Zero Suit is an interesting one to train. She has a lot of ways she can be trained that are half-way decent, and is very hard to do more than that. This section will teach you how she can be more. When training ZSS, use Fsmash as your primary damaging move. Use Side B on opponents who are committed to a move or laying on the ground. Use Up B on opponents that are directly on top of you. This move is very good, but DO NOT MISS WITH IT!!! Reset if you miss. and focus heavily on parrying! Once your amiibo starts fighting back, you should be parrying often. Shield or parry the first hit of Fsmash, and parry the second. Parry the first (and more if you can) hit of Side B, then shield the rest. Same deal with Utilt and Usmash. Speaking of Utilt and Usmash, you should primarily use Utilt for opponents above you. When you’re amiibo get smarter and start trying to avoid being juggled in the air, Usmash can be sprinkeled in due to its greater range than Utilt. But Utilt should be the focus. Uair can also be used after a Utilt when a single jump will get her in range. Edgeguard with ZSS. Bair as much as possible (Set it up even. She won’t but it makes her use bair better and more often), then use fair when you don’t have time to set up a bair. You can sprinkle grab in after you get her to start parrying(about level 35). If you do it before your last couple of games, she will learn to spam it becuase of how well it counters your plan to parry. Your last game should have more than 10 parries between the amiibo and yourself.

Why It Works

Zero Suit Samus has fantastic out of parry options. She will mix up a lot of different tactics out of parry, which helps prevent staling and also allows some of her niftier stuff to come out that you wouldn’t want to train. The aforementioned kickflip combo can be done out of a parry, using Dsmash and then Down B into kick. She may also use paralyzer, Fsmash, Ftilt, Dtilt, Dsmash into other things, Utilt, jab, Usmash, and possibly more I could be forgetting. Everything she does out of a parry is really solid too. We then supplement that with Fsmash and Side B, which have fairly solid range and are some of her best launching and damaging options. Up B doesn’t have the range, but has the kill power and damaging power Side B and Fsmash do. Utilt does solid damage, and can lead to combos, and is decently fast. Edgeguarding helps prevent terrible Down B ledgeguarding, and gives ZSS some extra opportunities for much needed kills. Grab kills for ZSS at 150-170%, and is solid damage, as ZSS can Fair, Bair, and Uair out of down throw. When done right, it results in a multi-hitting monster with solid range that avoids most attacks and can punish anywhere in the air!

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