How Amiibo Trainers Spend Tuesday Nights

by Doc, Owner, Founder, He-She-Wumbo

Tuesday night is kind of a tradition with amiibo trainers. It’s long been a hotspot for livestreaming amiibo tournaments, and tonight is no different.

Right now I’m listening to Wumbo_Official’s Computer Alert #13, his weekly amiibo tournament. It’s an oddly exciting event – even though most of the time is spent watching an empty arena as the competitors pick and counterpick their amiibo off-screen, it’s like I’m in the room as the silent life of the party. That’s pretty unusual for me – I’m the type of person who hates watching livestreams, and would rather be on camera.

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Wumbo’s got a weird energy about him that sucks you in. Sometimes he’s doing impressions of celebrities that I haven’t thought about in decades, and sometimes it’s an intense play-by-play of two notorious amiibo. His commentary is the ideal mix of entertainment and hype – it’s not like the bland yelling you’d hear from a larger creator with hundreds of thousands of subscribers but no real appreciation for amiibo. (You know the ones I’m referring to.) Listening to Wumbo explain amiibo and interact with the competitive trainers in chat is, based on my observations, very informative for new trainers.

By the way, you should follow Wumbo on Twitch here.

His knowledge of each of the competitive amiibo trainers in the tournament is impressive, and puts me to shame. I usually learn something about the people I’ve trained alongside for months when I listen to him. To be fair, that’s partially my fault – I spend most of my free time making amiibo content, so I’m not always there for the conversations. But it’s still nice to catch up on how well I know the trainers.

Wumbo’s absolutely got his own style of amiibo entertainment that I haven’t found anywhere else. As a result, his community is incredibly tight with him, and it shows. In the span of about five minutes, Wumbo’s fans donated 18,000 bits and gifted about a dozen Twitch subscriptions. That’s several hundred dollars of donations. And do you know what Wumbo said?

He said it was all going to tournament pots.

I have a policy of how I spend the revenue earned from Amiibo Doctor. All of it goes back to the amiibo scene in some way, because the purpose of Amiibo Doctor is benefiting competitive amiibo. The fact that Wumbo independently has the same philosophy (I never knew that that was his belief) tells me that he’s just as dedicated to supporting his fans as I am. That’s a good dude right there.


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