My Byleth amiibo Research – Scuttler

by Scuttler, Guest Contributor

(Everything in this post is copied and pasted from Scuttler’s notes. This is all his opinion on the Byleth amiibo.)

What I’ve noticed with Byleth amiibo so far

Down tilt is really really good, Byleth can follow up Down tilt with Up Smash, Up Air, Up tilt and continue with a string of Up airs leading to huge damage.

Neutral air is good from what I’ve seen because she can edgeguard with it and lead into Dash attack, Forward tilt can kill and also lead into Dash attack.

Forward smash is great because she can hit the sweet spot 80% of the time.
Down smash is great out of parry and occasional use because it is STRONK.
Up Smash leads into Up air chains which makes big damage.

Down throw to Bair/ Forward air is great and Forward air/Back air/Down air are all great for edgeguarding.

Side B is amazing for ledge trapping and occasional use.

Neutral B and Down B seem bad and I don’t really see any use for Down B but neutral B might have some uses.
Up B is good for both onstage use and recovering.

What I’ve noticed is she’s good at hitting the sweet spots with her moves, and she still uses her laggy moves really well.


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