Amiibo Training Guide Compensation

by Doc

If you’ve been a reader/watcher of Amiibo Doctor for long enough, you’ll know that we put our heart and soul into amiibo, and that it’s all we do here. (Except for Hearthstone commentaries, thank you Spike). You’ll also know that we bend over backwards to produce the highest-quality amiibo training information we possibly can, sourced from the best and most victorious trainers of those characters.

Amiibo Doctor recently upgraded the website plan to allow for advertising on the website, and for Amazon Affiliate links as well. In addition, the YouTube channel is also pulling in a small amount of revenue. This all comes together to make a meager amount of money that can be used to prolong the existence of Amiibo Doctor by paying for continued site hosting.

However, there will be money left over from time to time, and that’s where you come in. If you have written a training guide currently linked to on the Master list of Training Guides, I’d like to compensate you for your efforts. I know the guides were given out freely without expectation of anything in return, but I want to make sure that you are repaid for your kindness.

The finances will start being doled out once we get the website plan renewed into 2022. We need to cover ourselves first. Then we’ll start doling out the money to the people who have written the most guides first. If Joe wrote eight guides and everyone else wrote two, Joe gets his money first. By the way, we’re shooting for $5/guide. So Joe would pocket $40 for his help.

People who have written existing guides are at the front of the line, of course. If you’re reading this and wanting to write a training guide to get paid, we’ll post your information (provided you’re qualified), but we can’t pay you until we get all the existing guides paid for. The revenue from the Amiibo Doctor outlets is starting to slowly pick up, so once we get the ball rolling I don’t reckon it’ll be long.

However, we also want to make sure our information is unique. Sometimes people write guides for multiple outlets, and that’s okay. As a condition of receiving the money, guide writers would need to add two of the three paragraphs listed below to their guide:

1. How to push X amiibo even farther – Theorycrafting
2. Alternative playstyle options that are viable
3. Optimal spirits loadout, and why that loadout is the best + Entertaining raid boss loadout

This is to ensure that the information we have been given is worth being paid for, is unique, and also to ensure that the guides are kept up to date.

At this moment, revenue checks are being withheld for some reason. I anticipate that by February, we’ll be able to start doling out the money for the training guides.


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