The Complete Guide to Armor Knight in Smash Ultimate

by Doc

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a basic understanding of Spirits in amiibo before trying out Armor Knight.

Table of Contents

  • What is Armor Knight?
  • How do I obtain Armor Knight?
  • -What Primary Spirits give Armor Knight?
  • -What Secondary Spirits give Armor Knight?
  • How do I use Armor Knight on my amiibo?
  • -Armor Knight vs. Super Armor
  • Is Armor Knight legal in amiibo tournaments?

What is Armor Knight?

Armor Knight is a spirit effect induced on players or amiibo in Smash Ultimate. Unlike other spirit effects, Armor Knight doesn’t give off a glowing effect to indicate its presence – you won’t be able to tell if someone has Armor Knight by looking at them. Instead, you’ll have to watch for the three stat changes that Armor Knight gives:

  1. 1.15x more damage across all moves and attacks
  2. 1.8x Defense against all moves and attacks
  3. 0.7x movement speed when grounded or aerial

In short, it turns the user into a tank – they take more damage, deal more damage, but they’re less mobile.

How do I obtain Armor Knight?

There’s two ways to get Armor Knight – one for the Primary spirit, one for the Support spirit. Remember that amiibo can only receive spirit effects like Armor Knight from Support spirits.

What Primary Spirits Give Armor Knight?

At the time of this writing, only two Primary spirits give Armor Knight. The first is Black Knight, which is a Level 99 Enhancement of the Zelgius spirit. Zelgius can only be found on the Spirit Board, or purchased from the Vault Shop.

You thought getting Black Knight was hard, wait until the Support Spirits section…

The second spirit is a DLC Spirit, Edelgard – Five Years Later. Like Black Knight, Edelgard – Five Years Later is a Level 99 Enhancement of the Edelgard spirit, which can only be found on the Byleth DLC Spirit Board and normal Spirit Board. It’s pretty much the same story as Black Knight… let’s move on.

What Support Spirits Give Armor Knight?

Probably the rarest spirit screen in the game.

This is where amiibo trainers run into problems. Armor Knight can only be obtained from one Support spirit, the Halberd spirit. The Halberd spirit can only be obtained from Funky Kong’s Shop, which requires you to play through most of World of Light. It costs 15,000 SP and is very rare. By my estimates, it has about a 1% chance of appearing.

As a side note, I have 17 of them, because that’s how we roll at Amiibo Doctor.

How do I use Armor Knight on my amiibo?

Scan your amiibo into the amiibo menu, and get to the amiibo menu screen. Go to the Level Up menu. You’re going to search for the Halberd spirit in your Support spirits menu.

Do not apply the Black Knight or Edelgard – Five Years Later spirits. They’re Primary spirits, so they can’t give you the Armor Knight effect, just their respective stats. You might as well throw something that isn’t ridiculously hard to find onto them and get the same stats.

Armor Knight vs. Super Armor

Armor Knight is a widely useful spirit effect in competitive spirited amiibo tournaments. Super Armor is also a widely useful effect. It raises your knockback limit to 132 KB units, which is roughly one uncharged Forward Smash from Bowser depending on weight and percentage. Anything less than that won’t launch you, but anything over that launches you at full knockback.

Armor Knight is generally considered better for a few reasons: Armor Knight takes two slots, allowing you to counter the mobility effects with Move Speed Up, or lets you double down on the stat boosts with Trade-Off Ability. With Move Speed Up, your loadout basically ends up being Super Armor with a barely lower knockback tolerance, but higher damage resistance and an attack boost. Super Armor is a three-slotter, requiring a full commitment, but it has no attack boost or damage resistance.

Is Armor Knight legal in amiibo tournaments?

Most competitive amiibo tournaments don’t use spirits at all, but the ones that do don’t allow Armor Knight. Armor Knight is the best spirit in the game, and is the king of the Big Five spirits. If you plan on entering an amiibo tournament that allows spirits, you should clarify that Armor Knight is banned. If it’s not banned, use it. Unless you’re a horrible trainer, it’ll carry your amiibo to victory.

That’s about all there is to it! Good luck with your amiibo training!

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