My Early Impressions of the Banjo amiibo!

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Guy Who Can Poop Grenades

Alright, so this is not meant to replace the Banjo amiibo guide that we’re going to be slowly working on and completing over the next few weeks, but it is meant to provide the people with the files some direction on what I’ve noticed. We’ve got the first part of the Banjo amiibo training video already uploaded and ready, so be sure to go watch that as well.

Here we go.


Banjo uses Wonderwing okay. Until he runs out. I predicted this in this post about Banjo’s potential with Wonderwing, as Possibility #1.

Wonderwing leaves him vulnerable at the end, and the amiibo AI will use it at long distances just to land the sourspot. It’s a pretty difficult situation to be in, because after he’s used it to land the sourspot, he’s a sitting duck… and bear. Using some Wonderwing is okay, because it’s a super good move, and does a ridiculous amount of damage and can kill. But there’s the vulnerability, and the sourspot, so perhaps you shouldn’t be spamming the hell out of it.


Works exactly as I predicted, it’s basically Snake’s grenades. It’s not as useful, because sometimes Banjo will go after his own grenades, but then he throws them at the opponent, so it works out in the end. I don’t anticipate that it’ll be something meta-breaking, but it will make a bit of a difference in Banjo’s favor. It’s a lot more likely that the opponent will get hit by the grenade than Banjo given the time that it takes to crap, catch and throw the grenade, so I don’t believe it weighs him down.

Aerial killer potential

Banjo’s Forward air is gooooood. It’s basically Mario‘s dunk but it’s better at killing, and that really shows. It’s definitely a stellar move to edgeguard with, it denies a lot of attempts. The rest of the moves exist, and I’m sure that as Banjo gets labbed out and put into tournaments people will figure out how to use them to their advantage, but for now Forward air is definitely the best option to start with on a Banjo.

Forward tilt/smash

I didn’t do a whole lot with Forward tilt in my Banjo training, and I’m starting to regret that. I think a semi-Musket method Banjo could actually be quite a good onstage opponent – not as good as others, but it’s still very potent. Forward smash is ludicrously powerful and has good knockback scaling, and it’s hard to imagine a successful Banjo that doesn’t use Forward smash as their onstage killer option (ignoring Wonderwing, of course).

Overall capability

It’s way too early to tell, I need to see what others have done with Banjo.


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