The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mario amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by fammydamammy, Guest Contributor

I’m fammydamammy, also known as “Fammy,” and I am known for several amiibo, one of them being Mario. My Mario amiibo is one of the strongest, currently having three wins and several top 8 placements in vanilla amiibo tournaments.

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AI issues

Mario has a tendency to spam Down aerial if it is ever used during training. It is a weak multi-hit that the AI struggles to use effectively on grounded opponents, often missing the last hit that launches opponents. The only instance where Down aerial is useful is after an Up throw, which is already hard-coded meaning Mario will automatically learn the combo when taught to grab. Avoid using Down air at all costs. Another move that should be avoided is FLUDD, Mario’s Down special. Mario is already coded to use it at ledge against opponents offstage, so teaching him to use it more could lead to him charging it at bad times, leaving Mario vulnerable to attacks.

Overall Playstyle

The Mario amiibo in amiibo vs amiibo benefits most from an overall grounded playstyle, mostly walking to utilizing his tilts and smash attacks to both kill and rack up percent. Mario also has a strong grab game, with the AI being very good at comboing from down throw with either a forward tilt or a string of Up airs.

Getting Started

When training, I strongly recommend mirror matching your amiibo, meaning Mario vs Mario the entire training session. Once you see your amiibo use the moves you want to use, turn the learn button off so that it will level up without changing the base amiibo data. Do note that the amiibo get a better AI as they level up and will not play poorly because you turned off learning at an early level.

If you intend to train your amiibo with spirits, it’s best to add spirits before any training happens because of how adding spirits will shuffle an amiibo’s move values, that being said, an even 2100/2100 is the most viable option for pretty much all amiibo. For support spirits, Super Armor, Great Autoheal, and Armor Knight are the best spirits in the game but are banned from the current spirit amiibo tournament ruleset. Other options to consider for Mario include Physical Attack ↑, Trade-Off Ability, Fist Attack ↑, Foot Attack ↑, and Hyper Smash Attacks. Double Physical Attack ↑ could be a viable choice for Mario given how many of Mario’s attacks are considered physical, but do keep in mind that stacking the same support spirit diminishes the power of the duplicate effect.

How to train Mario amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Forward Smash is one of Mario’s great damage building tools and is his best kill move, having great range and power. Make sure to teach Mario to use this move a lot.

Forward Tilt is a great get-off-me tool due to how fast it comes out, frame 5, and has decent power. Mario can also combo into it from a Down throw at low percents too, which is one of his bread and butter combos in amiibo. Teach Mario to use it often.

Down Smash is also a strong get-off-me tool that comes out just as fast as Forward tilt in addition to hitting on both sides and having good kill power behind it. Teach Mario to use it often alongside Forward tilt.

Up Smash is a solid anti-air that the AI can chain into multiple times at low percents. It has good kill power but lacks range in front of Mario, so teach Mario to use it often against opponents that are behind or are in the air above him.

Grabs are really good for Mario, as mentioned before Down throw can lead into Forward tilt at low percents, but can also lead into Up air combos that end in an Up special at mid-high percents. Use grabs often while training Mario so that he can learn these combos.

Down Tilt comes out quick and can lead into a string of up airs. Forward tilt should be used more often, but Down tilt can be sprinkled in as well.

Up Air is a great move that the AI can use to juggle with very well. Mario should primarily stay grounded, but feel free to occasionally go for Up airs to juggle or after a throw.

Back Air is also a really good aerial that comes out fairly quick and has good power. Again, Mario should primarily stay grounded but Back air is a solid move to go for every so often.

Neutral Special, Mario’s Fireball is a move that is pretty situational in amiibo. On one hand, It’s a decent projectile that can be used at a distance to rack up damage and use in the air as a landing option, but on the other hand, as with all amiibo with projectiles, Mario has a tendency to use fireball point-blank as well, and with its relatively high lag and low knockback, makes it pretty risky when up close. Teach Mario to use it at a distance and in the air occasionally.

Why It Works

In the amiibo metagame, characters with good kill power or something that exploits the Smash Ultimate CPU AI are favored, with Mario having a strong well-rounded moveset, having good kill power and damage racking ability.

That about wraps up my Smash Ultimate Mario amiibo guide. Thanks for reading and good luck training!


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