An unusual step for Nintendo

by Doc

Nintendo may have actually fixed something with amiibo…

I was told that Nintendo appears to have fixed an AI issue that the Joker amiibo was having (click that link for context). The Joker amiibo has an issue with Arsene, where he’ll use Arsene up special on stage for no reason. Nintendo seems to have fixed that.

That’s weird. I can’t think of something so small that Nintendo has fixed in recent memory. They’ve gone out of their to break things, sure, but never to fix them. Prior to 3.0, the Link amiibo could be taught to not use his Bomb, which is a suboptimal move for him. Post-3.0, he’ll always use it to some degree. It’s small AI screwups like this that Nintendo usually creates.

What else might they fix? Some people are talking about the issues revolving around charge moves being fixed, which could revolutionize the amiibo meta. Could they fix other things like Ganondorf’s up tilt repetition?

This is very uncertain territory, and I’m not sure what to do besides keep my eyes peeled for other fixes. You should, too.


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