Who Got More Lovin’: Joker amiibo, or Terry amiibo?

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Great with Titles

I should probably clarify the title. Nintendo sometimes shows favor to one amiibo or another in a patch. Nobody’s getting intimate with their amiibo.

Joker amiibo Got Beef

In the 8.0 update, a handful of amiibo received major AI overhauls. Joker was also patched into the game, and he had the most complicated amiibo AI by far, having been given many follow-ups out of several moves. His addition into the game complicated the whole “amiibo can’t combo” thing, because now I have to explain to everybody that amiibo can combo, but not really, because there’s yadda yadda yadda and humans can adjust to yadda yadda.


Terry amiibo is Beefy, too

Terry was also patched in recently, and I’ve had my hands on him for a while now. It sure seems to me that Terry’s been given far more follow-ups out of things, especially his Down tilt. I’d have to go back and take some notes, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Terry follow-up with almost every move in his arsenal after using Down tilt. Up special, Powerdunk, another Down tilt, Forward smash, the whole thing.

That’s not to mention the smaller follow-ups, like his classic Jab-Jab-Powerdunk (which he can also start with Down tilt), and a couple of Up tilt follow-ups. He’s got so much in his AI that I get glazed over trying to examine what’s a built-in combo and what’s just a regular attack.

So who got more lovin’?

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Joker amiibo vs. Terry amiibo

So who got more lovin’?

At this point, I’d say Terry did. While the Joker amiibo had a lot of follow-ups out of things like Side special, Up tilt and such, Terry’s combos are significantly more concentrated. It’s far easier to make a Terry amiibo that can utilize the right follow-ups than to make a Joker amiibo, because Terry just has to use Down tilt and he’ll pick up the rest. Meanwhile, the Joker amiibo must pay attention to each of its combo-starting moves and there’s no guarantee he’ll use them correctly. Sure, things like Up air chains and dragdowns happen on their own, but there’s a lot more to a good Joker amiibo than just using his air power.


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